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Lilli Passero, Lauryn Judd lead way on iTunes for The Voice


Lauryn Judd (left) and Lilli Passero with Carson Daly following their battle round match on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Lauryn Judd (left) and Lilli Passero with Carson Daly following their battle round match on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

The cover of “Every Little Bit Hurts” by Lilli Passero and Lauryn Judd was the best performing song on iTunes from Tuesday’s battle round.

In fact, it became just the fourth of the 24 songs from the round to crack the Top 200 on iTunes’ overall singles chart.

As of noon Wednesday, the song was number 181 on that chart. It also made the Top 50 on the iTunes’ pop chart.

Lilli, a singer and actress living in Los Angeles, and Lauryn, a high school student from Utah, were competing for Team Alicia Keys.

When the battle ended, Alicia chose Lilli to advance to the knockout round; Lauryn was eliminated.

During a conference call interview with the media, Lilli told Voice Views she thinks that verdict was the result of the song choice and experience.

“Even though Lauryn did an amazing, amazing job, the style of the song was perfectly suited to my vibe,” said Lilli, 26 when she auditioned for the show.

“And it is a song about heartbreak and pain and what we go through. Being a little older, I think I’ve had more experience with that so the message came through more clearly.

“I think Adam (Levine) hit the nail on the head (during his critique) when he said there were equal abilities, it just came down to experience,” Lilli added.

As it turned out, all three songs from Tuesday’s show charted on the iTunes pop chart, one of the more difficult on the site to scale.

Here’s where the songs stood as of noon Wednesday. Noon is when voting ends following a live performance show of The Voice.

Pop singles chart

#41 — Lilli Passero and Lauryn Judd, “Every Little Bit Hurts”

#54 — Davina Leone and Brandon Royal, “In the Night”

#98 — Jesse Larson and Taylor Alexander, “Shameless”

Taylor was also eliminated during Tuesday’s episode, while Jesse advanced on Team Adam.

Brandon won the Team Gwen battle match with Davina, but she advances as well after being stolen by Adam.

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