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Mark Isaiah says he ‘can’t be mad’ about Top 10 finish


Mark Isaiah performs his save song during Tuesday's episode of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Mark Isaiah performs his save song during Tuesday’s episode of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Consider where Mark Isaiah came from.

At 14, he was so overweight, he was nervous about performing in public.

He’d tried out for The Voice at age 17 and failed to make it past the second audition round.

Unlike many of his more experienced competitors on the show, he’d never released music.

Still, he made it to the Top 10 on Season 12 of The Voice.

He was so popular, the show’s fans rescued him twice via the Twitter save.

And he gained 22,000 Twitter followers just during the course of the live shows.

“I can’t be mad,” Mark, from Mount Pocono, Pa., said during a Wednesday conference call with the media. “There’s people out there that don’t get the opportunity to be where I’m at.

“I was Top 10; I’ve accomplished more than what I thought I would accomplish and I’m super grateful for this experience. So I mean, all I can do is keep a smile on my face.”

And start the process of capitalizing on the momentum the show provided. Mark said he’d like to get into a studio and record a single as soon as he can.

Mark landed in the bottom three during Tuesday’s results show along with Team Adam colleague Lilli Passero and Vanessa Ferguson of Team Alicia.

This time, when the instant save votes were counted, Vanessa was the winner.

Oh, that’s another reason Mark said he couldn’t be mad. After all three contestants performed their save-me songs, Mark said Vanessa “definitely deserved” the save.

Meanwhile, Mark picked his own songs over the course of the show, something coach Adam Levine pointed out on several occasions.

Mark, 19 when his blind audition was filmed, said he always had the mindset of appearing of The Voice and had pre-planned a list of songs he’d like to perform should he ever get the chance.

He said he appreciated the faith Adam showed in him by allowing him to stick to those songs. Plus all the other tips he picked up from the Maroon 5 frontman, who served as his coach for the duration of his time on the show.

For a young and upcoming pop/R&B singer like himself, The Voice served as “a boot camp,” Mark said.

“Just I mean, performing, interviewing and everything behind the scenes, it’s going to make it easier for me to go out and do my own thing. You know, start doing my solo music and start going on tour,” Mark said during the conference call.

“I told Adam actually after the show — I was like, ‘Yes, Adam, I’ll see you at the Grammys soon.’ He was like, ‘Yes, I wouldn’t doubt it.'”

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