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Felicia Temple of The Voice Season 12Her audition: Felicia Temple, 28, of Teaneck, N.J., auditioned with Beyonce’s “All I Could Do Was Cry.” She was well into the performance when Alicia Keys turned her chair. Before it ended, she was joined by Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Alicia sealed the deal by taking the stage and singing “Fallin'” with Felicia.

Her background: Felicia is a full-time nurse, saying she always loved the medical profession and helping patients feel more comfort at an uncomfortable time. That said, she grew up wanting to be a singer. She said her dad leads the same double life, working as a police officer and performing in the Sugarhill Gang for 25 years. As for Felicia, she says she’s been fortunate enough to perform shows with BET and sing the national anthem at Madison Square Garden. She did have her own health threat last year when she was diagnosed with cancer. But she had surgery and said she’s “free and clear now.”

What the show didn’t show:

* Two years ago, Felicia wrote and released a six-track EP called “Bedroom Chronicles.” You can check out the videos for two tracks below.

* “Bedroom Chronicles” was the followup to another six-track EP, “To Whom It May Concern.” You can listen to tracks from both EPs on Felicia’s Soundcloud page.

* She’s currently working on a followup EP, to be called “The Balancing Act.”

* Much of her musical inspiration comes from within her own family. In additional to her performing father, her grandmother was a former cabaret singer and dancer.

* She learned piano by ear at age 13 after being mesmerized by Alicia Keys’ “Songs in a Minor” album. She learned to play the entire album on piano by ear. In fact, she says as a teen, her nickname was Felicia Keys.

* As a result, she told the media during a conference call last week that the duet with Alicia “was absolutely like a dream come true. Alicia Keys is literally the reason why I started playing piano in the first place. Her album came out and I was like, ‘I have to be like her.'”

* Felicia has opened for Angie Stone, Keke Wyatt and Sisters With Voices (SWV).

* She’s a featured vocalist on “Unnecessary Pain,” a track on hip-hop artist Joe Budden’s 2015 “All Love Lost” album.

* The day after her audition aired, Felicia was back at her nursing job. She said some of the reactions were priceless. “”I’ve had a couple of patients — like I’m putting their IVs in today and they’re like, ‘I won’t tell anybody, but I know who you are. You’re the girl who was on The Voice last night.'” Felicia also posed for lots of selfies with patients and encountered a couple who couldn’t believe she really was a nurse.

Keeping up with Felicia:
Twitter: @feliciatemple

“If That’s What You Want” (from “The Bedroom Chronicles” EP)

“Take Your Time” (from “The Bedroom Chronicles” EP)

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