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Micah Clare Tryba of The Voice Season 12 (NBC Photo)Her audition: Micah Tryba, 24, of Wheaton, Ill., auditioned with “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston, delivering a nearly a cappella opening consistent with her background. That inspired an almost immediate chair turn from Blake Shelton, who was later joined by Gwen Stefani. Blake said her performance blew him away. Micah joined Team Blake.

Her background: For the past four years, she’s been studying to become a veterinarian. But she says music has been part of her life since she can remember. While in school, she says she was involved in variety shows and musical theater. She’d also perform at coffee shops. She hoped to attend college for music education, but wound up spending time at community college. When her dog wound up with spinal cancer, a great doctor helped the family. Micah says that inspired her to attend the University of Illinois and major in animal science. She volunteers with the university’s animal wildlife clinic. She’s also involved in the college’s a cappella group. For now, she’s put aside veterinary school to pursue music.

What the show didn’t show:

* On Instagram, she describes herself as a “singer, songwriter, believer and unapologetic chocoholic.”

* She began performing in church choir and musical theater.

* Micah was a member of the award-winning No Comment a cappella group from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

* The group was named Midwest Quarterfinal champions in the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella and received an award for best solo for a cover of “Bang Bang.” Micah is one of the soloists on the song.

* She’s also the primary soloist on a song called “Surrender” you can watch on YouTube.

* Both songs are available on a 2015 EP released to iTunes.

* That a cappella group also performed at a governor’s inaugural ball and in the collegiate a cappella finals in Times Square with only 10 groups from around the world, according to Micah’s bio on The Voice website.

* As for putting vet school on hold to audition for The Voice, Micah said she believes it’s important to take risks in life and that the school was supportive of her decision and is holding a spot for her for next year should she decide to return. “I just decided that this is something that, if I didn’t do it, I’d end up regretting,” she said in a conference call with the media.

* As for choosing Blake, Micah said he’d been climbing her list of coaches she’d prefer leading up to the audition. “I’d heard really wonderful things about him as a coach that he’s just very, very invested in the artists that he has on his team and that he’s a beautiful person as well,” she said.

Keeping up with Micah:
Twitter: @MicahTryba

“It Won’t Be Long Now”


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