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Sheena Brook of Team Adam Levine on The Voice Season 12 (NBC Photo)Her audition: Sheena Brook, 33, of Fort Myers Beach, Fla., auditioned with “Baby Girl” by Sugarland. Early in the performance, she got a chair turn from Adam Levine, who said she could be the country artist he’s been searching for to challenge Team Blake Shelton.

Her background: She lives in the small beach town of Fort Myers Beach with her wife, Summer. They met at a show. She opted to sing Sugarland’s “Baby Girl” because she says it was the first album she bought herself. While she says country music “comes out of me naturally,” Sheena says she’s also performed hip-hop and rock. Right now, she sings “a lot of pop, a lot of island stuff” while performing weekly at a Fort Myers bar/restaurant called The Salty Crab. She calls The Voice a chance to showcase who she is as an artist, adding she loves country music and is ready to prove “I can do more than the beach bar.”

What the show didn’t show:

* According to her Voice bio, Sheena started singing at a young age in church and, at one point, started a rap group called “Lost Cause.”

* A meeting with the lead singer of Godsmack led to a showcase at Universal Music, and that’s what prompted Sheena to focus on music full-time, according to that bio.

* She married Summer in 2014 in a Harry Potter themed wedding.

* In 2013, she released a country CD called “Ain’t Gunna Mess Around.” The only listing for it I can find on the web is here. You can listen to some of the tracks from that CD on Sheena’s Soundcloud page, including “Whiskey River,” “Drank My Way to Jesus” and the title track.

* She has several more recent originals posted there as well. Make sure to check out the impressive vocal on a song called “Stoned.” Oh, and notice that some of the song credits — including “Stoned” — mention Summer Stockton. Yep, that’s Sheena’s wife. They write songs together.

* The only Sheena Brook track available on iTunes is a vocal assist on a song called “I Just Want to Sing” from Robert Stowell’s Christian album “Fire Fall.”

* According to her Facebook bio, Sheena has opened for country stars Josh Turner, Gloriana and Jason Michael Carroll.

* During a conference call with the media, Sheena said she’s thrilled to be one of only two country artists on Team Adam. “Adam has always been a huge influence,” she told Voice Views. “I love all kinds of music. I play all kinds of music. And I think as an artist he has this gift to … like develop. As the industry changed, his music has changed.”

* Sheena says singing at the beach bar, entertaining patrons for four hours at a time, has made her a much better singer. She said it’s also helped her “not take myself too seriously. To just have fun. And sing from the heart.” And she thinks that lesson helped with the blind audition. “I just went and sang from my heart instead of trying so hard.”

Keeping up with Sheena:
Twitter: @TheSheenaBrook

“There You Were”

“Small Town Paradise” (original)

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