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Meet Kyla Jade of The Voice Season 14


Kyla Jade of The Voice Season 14

Kyla Jade of The Voice Season 14

Contestants rumored to have successfully auditioned for Season 14 of The Voice include Kyla Jade, a background vocalist based in Nashville.

The Voice returns Monday, Feb. 26, with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson as coaches and a new blind audition twist.

Check back then and throughout Season 14 for complete coverage on Voice Views. Meanwhile, here’s a bit about Kyla.

* Kyla has been performing professionally for years and works as a background singer for Voice coach Jennifer Hudson. In fact, she posted a photo of herself and JHUD on Instagram as recently as Feb. 11.

* She grew up in Topeka, Kansas, where sang in school choirs and at the Greater St. Paul Church of God in Christ.

* Kyla moved to Nashville to attend Fisk University and eventually found herself doing studio session work and singing background vocals for Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle and many others.

* She also toured with county singer Wynonna Judd and headlined her own classical jazz tour in Europe, according to her Facebook bio.

* Kyla performed regularly as a featured vocalist with the Nashville Super Choir on the “Bobby Jones Gospel” series, which aired Sunday mornings on the BET network.

* During a 2015 interview for a hometown show in Topeka, Kyla said she actually hung up on Dr. Jones when he called to offer her that job, thinking she was being pranked by one of her friends. When she called back, she realized the offer was real, apologized and accepted.

* Kyla also said that show, a fundraiser for Women Empowerment Inc., marked one of her first opportunities to showcase her abilities as a headline artist.

* She’s a featured vocalist on several tracks you can find on iTunes but has released just one song as a solo artist, a 2014 cover of “Hello Sunshine.”

* She has a website that’s due to give live around the time of The Voice Season 14 premieres. A week ago, there was even a countdown clock on the site. That was before she announced that she had auditioned for Season 14.

Twitter: @kylasings

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