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Meet Terrence Cunningham of The Voice Season 14


Terrence Cunningham of The Voice Season 14

Terrence Cunningham of The Voice Season 14

Contestants rumored to have successfully auditioned for Season 14 of The Voice include Terrence Cunningham of the L.A. area.

The Voice returns Monday, Feb. 26, with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson as coaches and a new blind audition twist.

Check back then and throughout Season 14 for complete coverage on Voice Views. Meanwhile, here’s more about Terrence.

* Though based in L.A. now, Terrence spent his youth in Maryland and much of his career performing in the D.C. area.

* He grew up in a musical family. In fact, his great aunt was legendary blues guitarist and singer Etta Baker, who passed away in 2006.

* At age 3, Terrence mimicked his father by tapping out “Little Red Corvette” on piano, according to a bio on Gig Masters. And, hence, a music career was born.

* The same bio says one of Terrence’s most memorable performances was a tribute performance for comedian Dick Gregory along with Gregory’s daughter, singer Ayanna Gregory.

* In 2017, at age 36, Terrence moved to L.A. to pursue music though he had no place to stay. For two months, he lived in hotels. “I couldn’t afford to book a room more than one night at a time, so I’d stay the night, then normally go sit at a Starbucks for hours because I had no where else to go,” he writes on Facebook.

* Twice, he had to move back to D.C., but things eventually worked out in L.A. Writes Terrence in his Voice audition announcement: ” I packed a few clothes and moved to LA less than two years ago, strictly on faith: no gig, no job, no place to live; nevertheless, The Lord has met my every need and then some. If you’d only dare trust Him!!”

* Since being in L.A., he’s also become a published author. His book, “Just In Case: Embracing The Pilgrimage To Self-Awareness” is available on Amazon.


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