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Moses Stone delivers a catchy summer break-up anthem


Moses Stone was a Top 24 finisher on Season 2 of The Voice.

Moses Stone was a Top 24 finisher on Season 2 of The Voice.

Moses Stone isn’t exactly a household name for fans of The Voice.

But they might want to get familiar with his new single, because it’s about as catchy as it comes.

Collaborating with hip-hop artist Shwayze and Hero DeLano, Moses has released the reggae-influenced “Gone.”

He told, the song is a “summer break-up anthem” about a girl who “takes, takes, takes” until her man is absolutely fed up.

“I think it’s good to touch on subjects from a perspective people are not used to hearing — (in this case), how is it from a guy’s perspective being used by a girl,” Moses said.

“The girls definitely let us know their perspectives on guys using them.”

For those who don’t remember, Moses appeared on Season 2 of The Voice. In fact, he was the first rapper ever to make the show.

Somehow, he survived a battle round in which he was asked to sing The Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” and advanced all the way to the Top 24 before being eliminated.

Since then, he’s released a host of single, performed and produced “Summer & Lovin'” for a McDonald’s commercial and formed his own entertainment company.

Here’s the new song, which comes with an explicit lyric warning.

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