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Sophia Bollman is back with ‘Wildfire’


Sophia Bollman of Season 13 of The Voice has released her first post-show single.

Sophia Bollman of Season 13 of The Voice has released her first post-show single.

Following her elimination from Season 13 of The Voice, Sophia Bollman pledged to release music in early 2018.

She’s fulfilled that pledge, dropping a single called “Wildfire” that’s currently available as a free download and will hit iTunes and Spotify in a few days.

That said, “Wildfire” isn’t a new song. Sophia told Voice Views she wrote the song with Diva, Ashley Maietta and Bethany Grace at a songwriting camp back in 2015.

“I actually have been sitting on this song for a long time,” she said. “It’s my first project ever created. So I wanted to release it first; it just felt right to show how my voice and style have evolved.

“It’s the first song I ever wrote and recorded that made me feel like I could tell my story through music.”

Sophia proved how effective she could be on stage on The Voice, turning two chairs with her blind audition performance of Kelly Clarkson’s “Invincible.”

She also received praise for her Team Miley Cyrus battle round performance of “You’re a Big Girl Now,” but was paired with Brooke Simpson, who was declared winner of the match and advanced all the way to the Season 13 finale.

As for her evolution since “Wildfire” was recorded nearly two years ago … Sophia’s planning to follow it up with another single called “Stained Glass” before the end of the month.

Sophia also has a number of show dates already planned for 2018. You can check those out on her Facebook and ReverbNation page.

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