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Stephan Marcellus makes a quick return with Renegade


Stephan Marcellus has released his post-Voice debut single.

Stephan Marcellus has released his post-Voice debut single.

Stephan Marcellus certainly wasted no time getting new music into the hands of his new Voice fans.

Less than a month after the episode in which he was eliminated from Season 13 aired, Stephan is back with a rousing new single called “Renegade.”

“I wrote Renegade months ago as a way to reclaim my power after a relationship —to remind myself to be unapologetic, that I am powerful and valuable,” Stephan told Voice Views.

“It seemed fitting to release this song after everything I’ve experienced because sometimes you need to just remind people and more importantly yourself who you truly are.”

Stephan, from Englewood, N.J., was 26 when he auditioned for The Voice and landed a spot on Team Jennifer Hudson. He was stolen by Miley Cyrus in the battle round and became her first male team member, but lost in the knockout round to eventual Top 10 contestant Brooke Simpson.

He called The Voice “an incredible experience.”

“But the spotlight can easily make you question yourself and it isn’t always easy to navigate the praise and criticism coming from such a large platform.”

It’s hard to imagine him receiving anything but praise for the new single. It’s his third single, following “Puppeteer” and “Papa,” both released before the show.

“I pray when people hear this song they feel empowered,” Stephan says of the new single. “Renegade is dedicated to your dreamers, risk takers, and anyone who may struggle with feeling like they aren’t ‘good enough.’ You are light, you are necessary, you are worthy, and you will be remembered.”

Here’s that single.

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