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Who will win The Voice tonight?

The Top 4 on The Voice -- Brooke Simpson, Addison Agen, Red Marlow and Chloe Kohanski (NBC Photo)

The Top 4 on The Voice — Brooke Simpson, Addison Agen, Red Marlow and Chloe Kohanski (NBC Photo)


Who will win The Voice tonight?

Judging from what I’ve seen on iTunes, social media and YouTube over the course of the last five weeks, I’m pretty sure the answer will be Chloe Kohanski or Addison Agen.

But I’m not too concerned about it. And that’s a testament to the Top 4. Because I can make a case for all four being named the Season 13 champion tonight.

Consider …

Chloe Kohanski

Why she should win: Her “Total Eclipse of the Heart” cover was the absolute best of Season 13. And one of my favorite all-time on the show. “Landslide” and “I Want to Know What Love Is” were pretty darn special too.

Why she might: She’s hit number one on iTunes twice. She’s tied with Addison for the show lead with six iTunes bonus songs. And today, eight of her past Voice performances returned to the iTunes Top 200. Five landed in the Top 55.

Addison Agen

Why she should win: When it comes to talented young singer-songwriters mature beyond their years, she’s the female Sawyer Fredericks. All I had to do was listen to her pre-Voice album once to know she’s an exceptional talent.

Why she might: She won the iTunes battle among the top four, scoring her first number one hit with “Tennessee Rain” and landing at number five with “Humble and Kind.” The latter was the most emotionally powerful performance Monday night and would have been a helluva way to end the show.

Brooke Simpson

Why she should win: The show is called The Voice, and Brooke has the most powerful and awe-inspiring voice among the finalists. She proved that again Monday night on both of her solos. And that’s why all four coaches responded to her audition, something no other finalist can claim.

Why she might: She’s come on strong the past three weeks. “Amazing Grace” and “O Holy Night” were smart song choices. And she might lag behind Chloe and Addison on iTunes, but the videos of her Monday night performances have racked up more views on YouTube (682,000 as of 4 p.m.) than any other finalist.

Red Marlow

Why he should win: I graded his cover of “To Make You Feel My Love” as the best from Monday night. He co-wrote his original, something no other artist can say. Among the Top 4, Red seemed to have the clearest game plan going into the show. And the guy was remarkably consistent.

Why he might: Wow, Red has one very dedicated fan base. And Season 12 taught us that iTunes alone doesn’t determine the winner. Being a country singer on Team Blake Shelton tends to pull in a few extra votes as well.

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  1. Randy Treece December 19, 2017 at 9:27 pm -  Reply

    Much agreed with Addison’s album. It is very good.

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