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2014 in Review: 15 songs from former Voice contestants you shouldn’t miss


First, a big thank you to The Voice for introducing us to so many amazing artists since the show debuted in April 2011.

And, wow, those artists were busy producing music in 2014.

I’ve compiled three blogs looking back at that music. Head here for my picks for the best five Voice videos for 2014. Head here for a list of five albums/EPs you shouldn’t miss, plus a list of many, many more.

And below, I’ve selected 15 of my favorite songs released by former Voice contestants. I’m not calling them the best because there’s so much great music out there. These are 15 that I’ve listened to repeatedly.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find quality video versions of three of my favorites, but you should check out snippets of Josh Murley’s “Same Difference,” Morgan Wallen’s “Rocky Top Stomp” and Lupe Carroll’s “Harlan Calling” on iTunes. I downloaded the latter before I’d even listen to the full snippet.

My criteria for selecting these: They had to be released post Voice (which is why you won’t find singles from Season 7’s Top 4 included) and the song couldn’t be featured in one of the other blogs listed above.

At the bottom of this blog, you’ll find a list of the singles released by Voice artists — nearly 50 — in 2014. The links will take you to that song, the artist’s website or his or her YouTube channel.

I’ve tried to be as complete as possible, but I’m sure I’ve missed someone. If so, let me know and I’ll be glad to add them.

Austin Jenckes, “Whatever You Want”

Austin had already released an album and EP before becoming a Top 10 finisher on Season 5. He added this fine single to his resume in January, getting 2014 off to a great start. Not sure what he has planned for us in 2015, but he just posted this to Facebook: “2013 was practice. 2014 was the warmup. 2015 is Game Time.”

Brian Fuente, “Mood: Electric Parade”

Brian was a Team Blake member back on Season 2 of The Voice, and included this sure-to-get-your-feet-moving tune as part of a very good 10-track self-titled album that came out in February. The video teaser for the song is a hoot, too.

Charlotte Sometimes, “Magic”

Jessica Charlotte Poland performed as Charlotte Sometimes on Season 2 of The Voice and has now changed her stage name to Laces. But first, she released a “By Request” EP that included this splendid song. By the way, Charlotte’s cover of “Misery Business” still might be my all-time favorite Voice performance.

Jamar Rogers, “High”

I find it impossible not to get wrapped up in the emotion of this very personal song from the Season 2 contestant. Jamar, who we first met on American Idol, wrote it about his own struggles with drug addiction. You can find six versions of the song on an EP released in late June.

Juhi, “Welcome to Catatonia”

Juhi Pathak, of Franklin, Tenn., was just 16 when she landed a spot on Team CeeLo Green in Season 5. This wonderfully quirky song got stuck in my head the first time I heard it. It’s from a “Stress Case” EP she released in February.

Kat Robichaud, “Somebody Call the Doctor”

Kat, the Season 5 rocker who cracked the Top 10, has been working on a new album with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. She’s promising theatrical rock with the help of her Darling Misfits and teased us with this single earlier this month. Can’t wait to hear the album.

Lindsay Bruce — “The Giants Song”

Lindsay, from Season 6, really is a Giants fan. Who met a Dodger fan when she went to L.A. to participate in The Voice. The end result — this adorable country tune, released as a single. Lindsay also released an EP, “Drive of My Life” in 2014.

MacKenzie Bourg, “Heartbeat”

The Season 3 Top 20 contestant released this splendid single in November. I’m sorry I didn’t discover it until now. But the great news: More new music — in the form of a debut EP — is coming, according to MacKenzie’s Facebook page.

Madilyn Paige — “Irreplaceable”

I was a fan of this teen’s voice from the minute she stepped on The Voice stage and enchanted us with a stripped-down version of “Titanium. She cracked the Top 20 in Season 6. This single, released in November, marks a fine start to her post-Voice career.

Michelle Chamuel, “Face the Fire”

Pre-orders are now being taken for a debut album from the Season 4 runner-up to Danielle Bradbery. This is the title track, one of two available now. Michelle fans won’t have to wait much longer for the rest; the album is due out in early February.

Monique, “Bajo El Sol”

She went by Monique Abbadie on Season 4, but dropped the last name when she released this single. OK, I said I wouldn’t rate the songs, but this might be my absolute favorite. The video was shot in Little Havana, Miami, complete with a cameo by Pipo, the dancing Chihuahua.

Orlando Napier, “Driving”

This L.A. artist landed a spot on Team Adam in Season 2 and released a fine album called “L.A. Rhapsody” with the Orlando Napier Band earlier this year. There’s plenty of Orlando Napier music to check out. He also released a pre-show album and an EP called “Sounds Like Me” in 2013.

Paula DeAnda, “Horns Blow”

If you’re looking for great dance tunes from former Voice artists, few beat this track, from Paula’s June EP, appropriately called “The Voice and the Beats.” You should also check out “Arrivederci!” Paula was a member of Team Blake in Season 6.

Preston Pohl, “Livin'”

Remember that wonderful gravelly voice, Preston displayed en route to a Top 20 finish in Season 5. Well, it’s in full force here in this high-energy single released in June. Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hear more.

Terry McDermott, “Hi Steppin'” (with The Bonfires)

Terry McDermott is working on a new album with his pre-Voice band Lotus Crush. In the meantime, the Season 3 runner-up released a pair of 2014 singles, including this fun tune with with The Bonfires. For more on the album project, head here.

Adana Duru (Season 3)

“Amplify” — Aug. 31
“C.E.O.” — Oct. 10

Alaska and Madi (Season 6)

“Too Good to Be True” — Nov. 26
“Barton Hollow” — Nov. 26
“Wrong Song” — Nov. 26
“Poison and Wine” — March 26
“Jolene” — March 26

Amber Nicole (Season 5)

“Cover Girl” — Jan. 5

Amy Whitcomb (Season 4)

“Problem” — Aug. 7

Ashley Dubose

“Perfect” — Oct. 21
“Ride” — Dec. 2

Brandon Chase (Season 5)

“The One” — March 4

Casey Weston (Season 1)

“Fallin’ for a Lie” — Dec. 4

Cassadee Pope (Season 3)

“The Animal in Me” (from Motley Crue tribute album) Aug. 19

Celica Westbrook (Season 3)

“Safe” — April 9

Christina Grimmie (Season 6)

“Must Be Love” — July 31

Cierra Mickens (Season 6)

“Get Here” — April 22

Daniel Rosa (Season 3)

“Pretty Lady” — Dec. 1

Elenowen (Season 1)

“Half a Mile” — Nov. 14
“Place from Where I Fell” (from upcoming album)
“Losing the Lonely” (from upcoming album)

Gracia Harrison (Season 3)

“Jezelbel” — June 17

Gwen Sebastian (Season 2)

“Small Town Soul” — June 17

Holly Henry (Season 5)

“Hide and Seek” — May 6

Holly Tucker (Season 4)

“More Than Just a Word (L-o-v-e)” — June 4

Jacob Poole (Season 5)

“Loves Now” — Feb. 11

James Wolpert (Season 5)

“Bats” — Oct. 31

Jermaine Paul (Season 2)

“Next to You” — May 20

Josh Logan (Season 5)

“Bad Decisions” — Feb. 24
“Sorry” — Nov. 18

Josh Murley (Season 6)

“Same Difference” — March 9
“The Problem” — March 9
“Start a New Day” — March 9

Katrina Parker (Season 2)

“Once Upon a Dream” — May 29

Kim Yarbrough (Season 2)

“Family Tree” — Oct. 13

Kristen Merlin (Season 6)

“Pocket Love Song”
released from 5-track EP expected Jan. 20

Lexi Luca (Season 6)

“Done” — March 17

Lily Elise (Season 1)

“Generator” — Nov. 4
“Suitcases” — Dec. 4

Michelle Brooks-Thompson (Season 3)

“He Will Do It” — June 25

Michelle Chamuel (Season 4)

“Face the Fire” — advance track from upcoming album
“Lottery” — advance track from upcoming album

Pip (Season 2)

“Hooked” — May 19

RaeLynn (Season 2)

“God Made Girls” — July 1

Ryan Jirovec (Season 3)

“Demons” — Feb. 20 ***
“All of Me” — Feb. 20
“Unconditionally” — Feb.20

Ryan Whyte Maloney (Season 6)

“Freight Train” — March 8

Sarah Simmons (Season 4)

“Our Story” — Oct. 13

Shelbie Z. (Season 5)

“That’s How Mama Raised Me” — Feb. 8

T.J. Wilkins (Season 6)

“Never Failed Me” — June 13, 2014

Tarralyn Ramsey (Season 1)

“Love” — March 8

Terry McDermott (Season 3)

“Hi Steppin'” (with The Bonfires) — Feb. 14
“Half Alive” (with Craig John Davidson) — Aug. 28

Vedo (Season 4)

“Get It To You” — Jan. 21

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