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Angie K (Keilhauer) takes part in touching new project


Angie Keilhauer from The Voice Season 10

Angie Keilhauer from The Voice Season 10

Angie Keilhauer from The Voice Season 10 is part of a touching new project called “Love Lives On.”

As Angie K, she delivers an absolutely stirring vocal on “You Carry Me To,” the song she co-wrote as part of the project.

To back up a bit, Love Lives On is described as “a recollection and dedication to our men and women of service who have made the ultimate sacrifice.”

In order to accomplish that, family members who have lost a member of the military team up with songwriters to compose a song about the individual.

Those songs will be feature on a “Love Lives On”album. It’s due out May 22, but can be pre-ordered now.

Other artists involved in the project include Vince Gill, Billy Ray Cyrus, Lonestar, Pam Tillis and another former Voice contestant, Dave Fenley.

And while the album won’t be out for several days, four of the songs, including the one on which Angie is featured, are already out.

“You Carry Me To” is about Lt. Florence Bacong Choe, who was killed in Afghanistan while on a morning run when an insurgent posing as an Afghan National Army soldier opened fire on U.S. troops.

She left behind her husband, Dr. Jay Choe, of the U.S. Navy, and their 3-year old daughter, Kristin.

Dr. Choe collaborated on the song with Angie, Marv Green and Wood Newton. I’ve embedded the lyric video below. And you can learn move about Love Lives On on the organization’s website.

Meanwhile, Angie has released a music video for her latest single “Real Talk,” which has a completely different mood, downright sultry, in fact. It’s also catchy, just as impressive and has already racked up more than 600,000 streams, including nearly 250,000 on Spotify. You’ll also find the music video below.

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