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Troy Ramey, Josh West turn four chairs on The Voice


Troy Ramey performs during the blind auditions on The Voice Season 12. (NBC Photo)

Troy Ramey performs during the blind auditions on The Voice Season 12. (NBC Photo)

Eighteen of the 48 spots on Season 12 of The Voice have already been claimed.

Tonight, we meet nine more artists we might be voting for when the live episodes begin.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about the Season 12 artists we’ve already met, head to this blog.

I’ve posted profiles on 16 of the first 18 singers, complete with information on music they’ve already released.

Micah Tryba, 24, Illinois: She’s 24 and studying to be a veterinarian. But she says music has always been part of her life. She dreamed of studying music in college, but had to go to community college instead. She wound up performing with an a cappella group in college. She’ll audition with “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston. A superb opening entices Blake turn around. Gwen soon joins him. Blake says Micah blew him away. Gwen liked the control she showed in the performance. Micah joins Team Blake.

Troy Ramey, 31, New York: His dad was a performer. But in Troy’s senior year of high school, the family discovered his dad had throat cancer. About two years later, he died. He’s been in a band for five years, but now he’s decided to try something different. He’s going to perform “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. All he’s done is hum so far, and I’m already impressed. Apparently, so is Blake Shelton, who turns his chair in a heartbeat. Adam soon follows. So does Gwen. And then Alicia. Troy has a four-chair turn. Adam says he’s a major contender to win Season 12. Troy joins Team Gwen.

Ericka Corbin, 34, Washington: She’s the mother of four. She’s been dedicated to her children, so she delayed pursuing music. She says she’s a mom “with one last shot” and says she’d love to work with Alicia Keys. She’ll sing “Wade in the Water.” She’s havin trouble enticing a chair to turn. And none do.

Jack Cassidy, 18, Calif.: He’s part of the famous Partridge Family. Shirley Jones is his grandmother. His dad is an entertainer too. Jack says worship music became his specialty. He’s going t o play the piano and likes the fact that he has a chance to carry on the family legacy. He’s singing “One of Us” by Joan Osborne. He gets a chair turn from Adam Levine. Alicia Keys turns late in the performance. There was lots of passion in that vocal. Jack joins Team Alicia.

Gabby Borromeo listens to the coaches' feedback during the Season 12 blind auditions on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Gabby Borromeo listens to the coaches’ feedback during the Season 12 blind auditions on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Kewan DeBose, 30, Miami: His grandfather was a pastor and he says he was abou.t 5 when he started singing in choir. “That’s kind of how it all started,” he says. He grew up in a performing arts school. He performs around L.A. and at a church in San Diego He says his only job has been music since he was 10. He’ll sing “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye. Adam turns quickly. Blake soon follows. Gwen turns too. Adam compared Kewan t o Prince and says he’d been the top prior for Team Adam. Blake loves Kewan’s personality. Kewan joins Team Adam.

Taylor Alexander, 25, Ga.: He says his parents always listened to Garth Brooks. But at one point, he joined a punk rock band. Eventually, he rediscovered his love for country music and got involved in a band called Young Americans. He worked a lot of odd jobs too, but says he’s been playing professionally for about 10 years. He’s going to put a country spin on “Believe” by Cher. Interesting. Adam recognizes the song and turns his chair as soon as he does. Oddly, he’s the only one who turns, meaning Taylor will wind up on Team Adam. Adam calls his weird and wonderful.

Gabby Borromeo, 22, Seattle: She started talking vocal lessons at 9 and started making demos at age 12. By 15, she was living in New York, pursuing a career as an entertainer. She worked with John Legend for a while. She was working as a waiter when one of the managers there heard an original song she wrote and suggested she try The Voice. She’s going to sing “Happy” by Leona Lewis. Gabby’s about midway through the performance when Blake and Adam turn around at almost the same time. Adam says he’s surprised that wasn’t a four-chair turn. Blake says it sounds like she’s smiling when she sings. Gabby joins Team Adam.

Griffin Tucker,14, Texas: He learned drums at age 6 and he’s played in cover bands playing the music of the Beatles and Kiss. He played the Paul Stanley role. He’ll audition with “Heartbreak Hotel.” Unfortunately for Griffin, he fails to turn a chair.

Missy Robertson, 34, Calif.: She’s been watching the show since Season 1. She helping people with disabilities find jobs. But Missy says she’s also been trying to break into music since she was about 17. She’ll audition with Alessia Cara’s “Scars to Your Beautiful.” The performance started out a little shaky, but Missy is getting stronger and stronger. At the very last second, Blake and Alicia turn around. Missy says she and her sister are in a band called the OutGo. Missy joins Team Alicia.

Young rocker Josh West turned four chairs on Season 12 of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Young rocker Josh West turned four chairs on Season 12 of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Aaliyah Rose, 14: At age 10, she started posting YouTube videos. The first video was a hit, so she kept posting more and more. She covered “Lips Are Movin'” by Meghan Trainor and wound up with about 5 million views. Carson Daly plays a good luck video for her from Meghan. She’ll sing “Rise Up” by Andra Day and immediately displays a great voice that prompts a chair turn from Gwen Stefani. Why isn’t anyone else turning? Gwen is thrilled to land a young pop singer.

Josh West, 17, Glendale, Ariz.: He a singer in a band that also includes his father. His father has taught guitar for 30 years. But they typically play in places where people are drinking and eating. He’d like to perform at a show where people came to hear him. He estimates he’s performed 100 shows in the last year and a half. The Voice will mark the first time he’s performed without his dad. He’s performing “Ordinary World” by Duran Duran.When he hits the chorus, Adam and Gwen turn around. A high note prompts Blake and Alicia to follow. Alicia called it an “awe-inspiring performance.” Josh joins Team Adam, giving Adam his first four-chair turn of Season 12.

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