After The Voice

Check out new music from Grace Askew, Brooke Stephenson, Emily Ann Roberts

  • Grace Askew from The Voice Season 4
    Grace Askew from The Voice Season 4


New post-Voice music out this week includes singles from Brooke Stephenson and Emily Ann Roberts and another featuring Grace Askew.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases.

The links take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

* Grace Askew from Season 4 is the featured vocalist on a haunting new single called “Release Me.” It’s officially a release from Sea Changer, the writing/production team of Shawn Byrne and Ronny Criss. But Grace’s distinct vocals are unmistakable from the word “go.” Sea Changer describes the single as “a perfect song for an imperfect time” and defines it’s mission as “blending indie rock, Americana and singer/songwriter sensibilities with dramatic cinematic production.”

* Brooke Stephenson from Season 17 has released her second single since, a ridiculously catchy tune called “Backbone” that’s also the title track for her upcoming EP. Writes Brooke on Instagram: “When I wrote it I had no idea how important the message would be in today’s world. The song is about resilience and holding each other up in hard times.” It’s also a must hear.

* Emily Ann Roberts, runner-up on The Voice Season 9, has released a new country single with a summertime feel, “Kissing Queen.” She wrote the song with Jenn Schott and Jason Seanz; Chuck Ainlay handled production. It’s follows “How’s the Car Running” as the second single of 2020 from Emily, who’s also launched a new Patreon campaign.

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