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Check out new songs from Brooke Stephenson, Katrina Cain and Emily Keener

  • Brooke Stephenson from The Voice Season 17
    Brooke Stephenson from The Voice Season 17


New post-Voice music out includes singles from three talented ladies we met on the show — Brooke Stephenson, Katrina Cain and Emily Keener.

Here’s a bit more about each of those releases.

The links take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out Spotify snippets below.

Stream, stream, stream these songs folks. Like other artists, the singers we met on The Voice need support from their fans now more than ever.

* Brooke Stephenson from The Voice Season 17 has released her first single since, the soulful and passionate “That Kind of Love.” Brooke says its the first of four singles she plans to release, followed by an EP called “Backbone.” Brooke wrote the new song; John Spiker produced the track.

Says Brooke about the new single: “It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to release music with American roots influences. This song is rooted in country, and but also in blues and soul, particularly with the organ and gospel choir. I was once told by a well-regarded agent out here in LA that my voice is like ‘gumbo.’ I chose this song as my first single because I think it is a great representation of the album, a mix of influences that represent me.”

* Katrina Cain from Season 15 is back with her latest single, “How Did We Get Here.” Now L.A.-based, Katrina says she “wrote this song as a sort of ‘breakup’ song to all of the expectations other people had set for me, and the incorrect assumptions that they refused to let go of.” Her husband, Andrew McMillan, produced the track. It follows “Forgive Me in the Morning” as her second single of 2020.

* Emily Keener from Season 10 released a new song called “Boats” this week. “It’s all about the dear ones in our lives that hold space for us and keep our hearts beating,” she writes. “It feels strange to release music right now and even stranger to express gratitude. But I am thankful for the ways we can connect and stand in solidarity. We’ll be together soon.”

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