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Iam Tongi teases new song and fans love it

Iam Tongi posing with former Voice contestant and fellow artist Blessing Offor

Iam Tongi posing with former Voice contestant and fellow artist Blessing Offor.


Season 21 American Idol champ Iam Tongi teased a new song on social media Friday.

It’s called “Why Kiki,” and it’s “coming out soon,” according to his posts on Instagram and Twitter.

Fans are ready for it to be released now.

“Love it! Great vibes as always Iam!” writes Steve Jag (@SteveJag123) on Twitter.

“Love it already. It’s so catchy! Yessah” writes Esabel Cervantes Babione (@Esabel_C).

“Sounds awesome,” adds lisa (@lamo754).

And Figgy (@247DOC) write: “My 4yo caught me listening to this and said she loves this song. SOLD!”

Iam hasn’t given a timetable for releasing new music, and it’d be unusual for an Idol champ to do so this soon after leaving the show.

But the snippet posted sounds like a song fans of Iam would love and would no doubt do well on streaming sites.

Remember, the single he has out “I”ll Be Seeing You,” bolted to number one on Apple Music’s singles chart after his victory.

And it’s now been streamed more than 1.4 million times on Spotify alone.

Since Idol, Iam’s also officially graduated from Decatur High School in Fedway, Wash.

And, of course, he performed for the graduating class and those in attendance. If you’d like to see a great video of that event, head here.

Now, here’s that new song snippet.

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