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Nelly’s Echo kicks off 2019 with first of 12 promised music videos


Nelly's Echo has a new single. Holly Would, and music video out

Nelly’s Echo has a new single. Holly Would, and music video out

Nelly’s Echo has pledged to deliver a new music video to fans every month in 2019.

And the former Voice contestant took the first step toward fulfilling that pledge with a new original called “Holly Would.”

Nelson Emokpae, aka Nelly’s Echo, says on Instagram that he’s proud of the way the project turned out.

“I don’t call myself a singer. I don’t call myself a guitar player,” he says. “I think of myself as a storyteller with a groove behind me.

“Holly Would is meant to represent everybody who comes from humble beginnings and then makes it to the pinnacle of success in whatever it is they decided to do.”

Charles Longoria shot and produced the video. The part of Holly is played by singer-songwriter Megan Knight.

Baltimore-based Nelly’s Echo was a contestant on Season 3 of The Voice. Since then, he’s released an album and three EPs, the latest being “Run, Run Away,” which came out in June.

Herre’s the music video for “Holly Would.”

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