Nikki McKibbin (FOX Photo)Hometown: Grand Prairie, Texas
Born: Sept. 28, 1978
Idol finish: 3rd, Season one

Twitter: Unknown

After Idol, this red-haired rocker appeared on other reality shows, including Fear Factor, Battle of the Network Stars and E!’s Kill Reality. Then, in 2008, she found herself on reality television of a different sort, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House. When I interview Nikki in November 2009, I asked why she decided to make her battle with alcoholism and cocaine addiction so public. Her response: “I’m really stubborn, so that drove me quite a bit. (Thinking) ‘the cameras are watching. I can’t mess up. I can’t let people see that everybody’s going to fail at this.'” Musically, Nikki released a rock album called “Unleashed” in 2007, a single about her struggle with addiction called “Here to There” in 2008 and another single, “Inconsolable” (embedded below), in 2009. When I spoke to her, she was performing with a Texas rock band named Wicked Attraction. She also has tracks on the “American Christmas” and “American Christmas 2” albums. All are available on iTunes. Nikki is married with a son and a stepdaughter. Here’s the link to that November 2009 interview.


“Piece of My Heart”

Not available


“Hard-Hearted Hannah”

“Always Something to Remind Me”

Not available

“Mary Jane”

“I’m the Only One”

“Edge of Seventeen”

Not available

“Black Velvet”

Not available

And, now, her 2009 single “Inconsolable’

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  1. Stuart Davis November 4, 2020 at 12:15 am -  Reply

    R.I.P. Nikki.

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