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Noah Mac, Red Marlow leading their teams on iTunes for The Voice


Noah Mac performs during the live playoffs for Team Jennifer Hudson. (NBC Photo)

Noah Mac performs during the live playoffs for Team Jennifer Hudson. (NBC Photo)

The iTunes results from Monday’s episode of The Voice indicate that fans pretty much agree with Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson on their selection of finalists.

As of noon, five singers — Noah Mac, Red Marlow, Chloe Kohanski, Davon Fleming and Keisha Renee– had cracked the iTunes overall singles chart.

All five were selected to compete in the Season 13 finals by his or her coach.

Noah led the way with his cover of “In the Air Tonight,” but probably had a head start on everyone else because The Voice teased that performance leading into Monday’s episode.

But congratulations are in order because he’s sitting on top of the iTunes rock chart while Davon is sitting at number three on the R&B / Soul singles chart.

Red Marlow is turning in the best performance among the members of Team Blake. He ranks second among The Voice artists on the overall singles chart and cracked the Top 20 on a more difficult to scale genre chart — country singles.

The other artist selected to advance — Shi’Ann Jones — has not cracked the Top 200 yet, but is turning in a respectable showing on the R&B/soul chart, leading two former Team Jennifer colleagues who were eliminated.

And in spite of some questionable song choices, all 12 artists featured on Monday’s show wound up charting.

All rankings below are as of noon, which is when voting typically ends following a live episode of The Voice.

Team Miley sings Tuesday night in an 8 p.m. show; Team Adam takes the stage Wednesday at 9 p.m. I’ll be live blogging with song-by-song grades each night.

Overall singles chart

#24 — Noah Mac, “In The Air Tonight”

#68 — Red Marlow, “Chiseled in Stone”

#86 — Chloe Kohanski, “Time after Time”

#100 — Davon Fleming, “I Am Changing”

#175 — Keisha Renee, “Love Can Build a Bridge”

Country singles chart

#17 — Red Marlow, “Chiseled in Stone”

#49 — Keisha Renae, “Love Can Build a Bridge”

#99 — Natalie Stovall, “Callin’ Baton Rouge”

Pop singles chart

#28 — Chloe Kohanski, “Time after Time”

#141 — Hannah Mrozak, “Learn to Let Go”

#199 — Esera Tuaolo, “How Do I Live?”

R&B / Soul singles chart

#3 — Davon Fleming, “I Am Changing”

#36 — Shi’ann Jones, “Tattooed Heart”

#43 — Lucas Holliday, “The Beautiful Ones”

#52 — Chris Weaver, “California Soul”

Rock singles chart

#1 — Noah Mac, “In The Air Tonight”

#19 — Mitchell Lee, “Heaven”

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