Season 2 Finals, The Voice

Pre-Voice music from Tony, Chris, Jermaine and Juliet


Since we’ve heard so little from the finalists on The Voice, I figured I’d offer a sample of their pre-Voice music.

Head to YouTube and you can find plenty more.

One good thing about The Voice:  The show doesn’t make its contestants pretend they’ve never performed before.

Tony Lucca

“Pretty Things” from 2008 CD “Come Around Again”

“Nobody But You” from 2010 CD “Rendevous with Angels”

“Stay With Me Tonight” from “Rendevous with Angels”

Chris Mann

“In Testa Solo Te” from 2010 EP “Single”

“Falling” from 2011 EP “Single”

“Heartless” from 2009 self-titled EP

Jermaine Paul

“Airplane,” a 2009 single

“Ready to Fall,” from Preamble, a 2008 CD

“Eyes Like Brazil” from Preamble, the 2008 CD

Juliet Simms

“Save Me” from 2011 CD “The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On”

“Black Ink Revenge” from “The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On”

“Carry the Fire” from “The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On”

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