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Rave reviews from fans for debut album from Scarypoolparty (Alejandro Aranda)


Alejandro Aranda, aka Scarypoolparty, has released a debut album

Alejandro Aranda, aka Scarypoolparty, has released a debut album.

Alejandro Aranda released his debut album called “Exit Form” on Friday.

But he’s back to using his pre-American Idol stage name, Scarypoolparty.

And if you’re expecting the same laid-back acoustic music he performed en route to a runner-up finish on Season 17 … well, you’re likely to be surprised by the first several tracks.

But that was by design, Alejandro, 25, told his hometown newspaper, The Orange County Register.

“‘Exit Form’ was kind of this idea that I had,” he told the newspaper. “I wanted to create an album that showcased me, the styles that I love listening to, and making it a journey.

“It’s kind of aggressive in the beginning and then it lightens up midway through, and it has kind of cinematic elements,” he added. “And at the end of the album, it’s like ‘end of the road’ for this style, and coming into a new kind of thing.”

And that’s where you get the scarypoolparty Idol fans with whom Idol fans are family.

In fact, the album ends with five songs he performed on the show, including all four originals he performed for the Season 17 finale.

And fans certainly don’t seem to mind the curve at the opening of “Exit Form.”

Check out some of the feedback from Facebook.

Patrick Slagle: “I am so proud of you! This album is spectacular! It’s the perfect blend of the soft-spoken guitar and piano virtuoso I fell in love with on Ameircan Idol, and a super cool modern take on electronic/industrial rock.”

Maura Donohue: “Thank you for the masterpiece that is Exit Form. From start to finish the journey is spectacular. Black Cross is most magnificent, such an epic song, the way it rises and falls with all your emotion, power, and passion.”

Beverly Glushyn: “Goosebumps and gratitude for such an amazing start to your albums….thank you for being the magical artist that you are.”

Sherry Gibson: “Loving it!! Black Cross is a masterpiece. I was crying by the end during the classical piano. It wasn’t a sad cry, but a soul cleansing cry. Your music reaches our soul. Brutal and beautiful was a perfect description.”

Alejandro just completed a 30-date national tour and will be heading to Europe for 10 dates in March.

“Exit Form” was released through Hollywood Records, Inc./19 Recordings, Inc. Here’s the opening track, “Black Cross.”

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