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Rebecca Loebe banishes ‘Ghosts’ in her new music video

Rebecca Loebe in her new music video for Ghosts

Rebecca Loebe in her new music video for Ghosts.


Rebecca Loebe released the first single from her upcoming album a couple weeks ago.

Now the song “Ghosts” from the album “Give Up Your Ghosts” has a matching music video. You can check it out below.

It’s much more light-hearted than the title might imply.

That’s because of the message behind the song — that sometimes you have to focus on the positive and let go of things weighing you down.

She told Billboard the video was “a lot of fun to make because I just wanted to make some people happy and hand out ice cream to people in downtown Austin on a hot day.

“I just wanted to hang out and show some of my favorite spots in the city and remind people to relax and just breathe through whatever difficulties they’re facing at the moment.”

On Facebook, she adds: “Big thanks to Curtis Pollock, the director, for letting me feed his son his first ever ice cream cone in the pursuit of art.”

“Give Up Your Ghosts” will be Loebe’s fifth album, but the first she’s released as part of a label.

It’s due out Feb. 8 on Blue Corn Music and pre-orders are already underway. In addition, physical CDs and vinyl copies, as well as other goodies, are available through Rebecca’s website.

Here’s the new music video for “Ghosts” from Rebecca, who we met on Season 1 of The Voice.

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