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Shane Q, Max Boyle shine on Night 2 of The Voice blind auditions


Shane Q became the third singer to turn four chairs and six more singers earned spots on The Voice during the second night of the Season 17 blind auditions Tuesday.

Kelly landed Shane for her team, giving her two four-chair turns in two nights. Brennan Lassiter picked Team Kelly after turning four chairs on Monday’s show.

John Legend also has a four-chair turn artist in Katie Kadan. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have yet to land an artist who turned all four coaches’ chairs.

Here’s a recap of Tuesday’s show, with my picks for the best performances of the night.


Shane Q, 28, Sacramento, Calif., “Tennessee Whiskey”: He immediately displayed a great tone, and Blake’s “I’ve-got-this-one” gesture prompted a defiant chair turn from Gwen. But as Shane continued to impress with his pitch-perfect vocals and range, all the other coaches turned as well. John praised the “gospel” in his voice. Kelly said she loves his versatility. Gwen noted she was the first to turn. And Blake pointed to his coaching credentials: 24 finalists in 16 seasons. Shane opted to join Team Kelly.


Max Boyle, 23, Toledo, Ohio, “Wayfaring Stranger”: He started his blind audition a cappella, a risky move, but he pulled it off, prompting chair turns from John and Kelly. For a while, it looked like he might do the whole song a cappella. Once the music kicks in, Max showed off his performance skills and some really impressive range. John called it a “daring” performance. And since he blocked Kelly, he automatically won Max for his team.


Cory Jackson, 24, Jonesboro, Ark., “Galveston”: Corey showed off a nice, deep country tone on the Glen Campbell classic, but he was well into the song before country coach Blake Shelton turned his chair. Near the end of the song, Gwen and Kelly turned as well. Gwen said she liked the theatrical flair in Cory’s voice; Kelly reminded him she’s dabbled in country music as well. But Corey joined Team Blake, who complimented his smooth, rich voice.


Royce Lovett, 30, Atlanta, Ga., “911”: He turned in a passionate, reggae-flavored performance, playing guitar all the while. And that earned a quick chair turn from Gwen. Blake later turned as well, but that merely prompted Gwen to start dancing to keep the attention on her. Gwen complimented the animated nature of Royce’s vocals while Blake barely put up a fight. Royce joined Team Gwen.

Elise Azkoul, 28, Atlanta, Ga., “Million Reasons”: She showed nice control and a really nice tone once she hits the chorus of the Lady Gaga hit. She also demonstrated that there’s some power behind that voice. All of which prompted a chair turn from Gwen midway through the performance. A nice ending, surprisingly, didn’t earn any other chair turns, so Elise automatically became a member of Team Gwen.


Hello Sunday (Chelsea and Myla, both 14), Atlanta, Ga., “This is Me”: They were the first duo to audition for Season 17 and it took the coaches a couple of minutes to figure out they were listening to a duo. They sounded very young during their performance and need work on their harmonies. But they prompted a chair turn from Kelly, who complimented their potential and said they could be “magical.” Since Kelly was the only coach to turn, Chelsea and Myla automatically joined her team.


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