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Taylor John Williams is back with fine singer-songwriter EP


Taylor John WilliamsOne of the Season 7 standouts on The Voice has a new EP out.

And Taylor John Williams has delivered exactly what fans probably expected: a very fine collection of music with a singer-songwriter vibe.

My favorite among the five tracks is the hauntingly beautiful “Song of a Dead Man,” complete with references to Johnny Cash and Jeff Buckley.

But it’s far from the only standout track. “Castle” is another of my personal favorites, on which Taylor John sings “the world’s gonna hear me someday.”

Fans are enjoying the EP, too. Check out some of the reaction on Facebook.

Alana Julia Utsumi: “Incredible EP, as expected. Thank you for sharing this with us, and thank goodness for the repeat button.”

Alexis Tobey: “Woohoo!! Been waiting for this for EVER!!! What an amazing EP!! Your voice is just so calming! Love!!!”

Suzanne Bloomfield: “I love it! Such soothing vocals and meaningful lyrics. Thank you Taylor.”

The EP officially came out on Monday, but it took iTunes a while to make if available. You’ll find it there now.

In a recent chat with fans on Periscope, Taylor John, 24, said that with the EP out, he’s now going to pursue management deals that “hopefully will take things to the next level.”

With the EP out, he’s also planning to tour though he said details aren’t “set in stone.”

As for Taylor John, you can keep track of him through Facebook and on Twitter at @MrTaylorJohn.

Here’s “Song of a Dead Man.”

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