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Tessanne Chin’s on fire in her new video

Chin soared to the Season 5 title on The Voice with her powerful and soulful vocals.

And they’re certainly on display in her new video, released Monday.

The song is “Fire,” a single she released back in May. It’s apparently the first song off an upcoming album she’s recording on the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Music Group label.

Here’s what Tessanne told about the message in the song.

“As women we tend to always put others first,” she said. “Whether you’re a wife, a mother, or a business woman, we have the tendency to tolerate a lot more than we should and this song is just a fun way of saying, ‘Well, actually I’m worth more’ or ‘I deserve the best and to be treated with the utmost respect.’

”This song is just a reminder that, in whatever situation, we can’t sell ourselves short and that we all have our limits, so don’t mess around with them.” You can read the rest of that interview here.

Meanwhile, fans are clearly enjoying the new video from Tessane, now 29.

Among the comments on Facebook:

Ann Martin-Austin: “Great job Tessanne.Your acting is on point and the voice — well, you killed it.”

Jan Smyczek: “Absolutely love it, such attitude!!!!”

Clive Bruder: “Tessanne it’s a great video can’t wait for the album now!”

Keep up with Tessanne through her website. On Twitter, she’s @Tessanne.

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