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Voice voters rescue finals-bound Rose Short

Hello Sunday and Kat Hammock congratulate Rose Short on winning The Voice instant save Tuesday night. (NBC Photo)

Hello Sunday and Kat Hammock congratulate Rose Short on winning The Voice instant save Tuesday night. (NBC Photo)


Whew, Voice voters came through.

I must admit, I was worried there for a while.

Worried when Rose Short was the final artist announced as competing for the instant save.

Worried again when the instant save votes started coming in.

Because while to my ears, Rose should have won that save by a landslide, there was Voice history to consider.

Mature female R&B singers — Amanda Brown, Sisaundra Lewis, Sandy Redd; the list goes on and on — have been short-changed for years on The Voice.

Meanwhile, viewers seem more inclined to support young artists. Remember, teens Brynn Cartelli and Chevel Shepherd won the show in succession.

And Hello Sunday — yikes — was also up for that instant save and the final spot in the finals.

But Voice voters came through, in resounding fashion. When The Voice took down the results graphic, Rose had 51 percent of the vote to 27 for Kat Hammock and 23 for Hello Sunday.

And that means Rose rounds out a Top 4 that also includes Jake Hoot of Team Kelly, Ricky Duran of Team Blake and Katie Kadan of Team Legend.

Here’s how I graded the save songs.

Hello Sunday, Chandelier by Sia: Decent start by the two youngsters. But here comes the shouting and the off-key singing. Just as the song swells. Just as has happened in nearly every one of their performances. Started fine, became atrocious. Kelly begs for votes because they’re 14, which shouldn’t be a factor. Grade: D

Kat Hammock, You Just Call Out My Name by James Taylor: We’re going to get to hear Kat’s unique tone one last time. The start is very nice. But like Hello Sunday, she has trouble staying on key when the song swells and she goes for big notes. Still, I found that more pleasing than Hello Sunday’s shouting. Grade: C

Rose Short, You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman: This is more in line with what we’d expect from Rose. Gee, she’s singing in key. And showing off all that vocal firepower. Come on, folks, if she doesn’t win this it’s an absolute travesty. This isn’t even close. She’s going crazy on the ending, pouring voice and attitude into her performance. Grade: A

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