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An undeserved Emmy nomination for The Voice

Carson Daly with Lauren Duski and Chris Blue as the show's Season 12 manipulations were about to reach their conclusion. (NBC Photo)

Carson Daly with Lauren Duski and Chris Blue as the show’s Season 12 manipulations were about to reach their conclusion. (NBC Photo)


The Voice has been nominated for an Emmy again in 2017.

Already a three-time winner, The Voice’s competition in the Reality Competition category include The Amazing Race (CBS), American Ninja Warrior (NBC), Project Runway (Lifetime), RuPaul’s Drag Race (vh1) and Top Chef (Bravo).

The Voice scored its first Emmy win in 2013, then won again the last two years.

That win streak was interrupted by The Amazing Race, which also won every year from 2003 — when the category was added — to 2009.

In fact, only three shows have ever won the award. The third is Top Chef, with its win coming in 2010.

For those wondering, American Idol was nominated several times, but never took home an Emmy.

And you know what, The Voice doesn’t deserve to in 2017. In fact, it didn’t deserve the nomination.

Sorry, but I lost my last iota of respect for the show as a “reality competition” in the spring, when producers pulled every trick in the book to ensure another country singer (Lauren Duski in this case) wouldn’t win and that Blake Shelton would not get his sixth victory in 12 seasons as coach.

Instead, the show tipped the scales heavily in favor of Chris Blue, who became the first R&B artist to win since Season 2, even though he never, ever once led contestants on iTunes.

The Voice remains a great way to get introduced to talented new artists who are guaranteed to release quality music after the show ends.

But as a “reality competition?” Well, my advice is not to get too invested in the outcome. The show has shown over and over that it will do its best to manufacture the outcome it wants.

Three other big reasons the Emmy should go elsewhere —

1. Live voting determines who advances to the finals, and that means viewers in half of the country don’t get to participate. Oh, The Voice encourages them to participate — before hearing a single performance. Unbelievably silly.

2. The show insists on using a live Twitter save to determine who goes home once the live playoffs begin. A West Coast contestant has never received a Twitter save.

3. The show refuses to promote past contestants — even past finalists — with any regularity, instead granting guest performance spots to artists with no connection to the show.

The 2017 Emmys will be doled out Sept. 17 on CBS.

And I’ll be rooting for someone other than The Voice to win.

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  1. TiredofTripe July 26, 2017 at 10:49 am -  Reply

    Does this mean that you will no longer be watching/writing about the upcoming season(s) of “The Voice”?

    Stick it to Mark Burnett!

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