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A soulful and rousing new single from Dwight & Nicole


Dwight Ritcher, Nicole Nelson and Ezra Oklan of Dwight & Nicole

Dwight Ritcher, Nicole Nelson and Ezra Oklan of Dwight & Nicole

After her Season 3 run on The Voice, Nicole Nelson rejoined her pre-show duo, Dwight & Nicole, with Dwight Ritcher.

Now a three-piece band Dwight & Nicole recently released a soulful, anthemic new single called “Wait,” featuring Nicole on vocals.

Says Nicole: “I’m so proud of this song. I wrote it for this place, this beautiful land and all of its inhabitants.”

“Wait” is the lead single from a album called “Electric Lights” that Dwight & Nicole plan to release this fall.

That will mark the fourth full-length album from the blues, soul and rock band, following “ISigns” (2010), “Shine On” (2014) and “The Rear Window Sessions” (29016).

If you aren’t familiar with Dwight & Nicole, they’re a blues, soul and rock band, also featuring drummer Ezra Oklan.

Nicole and Dwight trade off on lead vocals. He also plays lead guitar; she plays bass.

And while waiting for the new album, you should check out “Electric Lights.” Highlights include Nicole on “Colorful Girls” and “Hallelujah” (the song she auditioned with on The Voice), a wonderful duet called “Round Love” and the album-closing ballad “It’s Over,” featuring Dwight on lead vocals.

Nicole was 35 when she auditioned for Season 3 of The Voice. She advanced to the knockout round before being eliminated.

You can follow Dwight & Nicole through their website or Facebook page. On Twitter, they’re @dwightandnicole.

Here’s a snippet of that new single, “Wait.”

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