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A still from the video for Taylor Phelan's new single, "Settle Down."

A still from the video for Taylor Phelan’s new single, “Settle Down.”

Taylor Phelan, a Season 7 standout on The Voice, just released a new single called “Settle Down.”

And it’s a song with a message, given all the strife in the world today.

“It’s so timely for where we’re at right now culturally,” Taylor told the Huffington Post. “There’s so much tension in the world and for good reason.

“But in the middle of everyone’s fear, we’re forgetting that it’s another person on the other side of the argument. This song is a reminder to try and see things from someone else’s point of view. Humans interacting is never easy, which is why empathy is an important thing to practice.”

You can check out a live performance of the song below, and a video for “Settle Down” is on the way.

Taylor was 25 when he auditioned for The Voice in 2014 and landed a spot on Team Pharrell Williams. He advanced all the way to the Top 20 before being eliminated.

Since the shows, he’s released a pair of single, an Audiotree Live EP and a 12-track solo debut album, “Where the Ocean Shallows,” which came out last April.

You can follow Taylor through his Facebook page and website. On Twitter, he’s @taylorphelan.

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