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Check out the post-Voice music released so far in 2017


By my count, at least seven new EPs or albums have been released in 2017 by former contestants from The Voice.

The latest comes from The Swon Brothers, third-place finishers from Season 4. Zach and Colton released a six-track EP called “Pretty Cool Scars” on Friday.

It’s the second EP in two years for the brothers, who tried out several of the songs that wound up on the EP during Carrie Underwood’s 2016 “Storyteller” tour.

More new music is coming. RaeLynn’s first album with Warner Nashville is due out Friday. Four tracks are already available for anyone interested in pre-ordering it before then.

In addition, Blaine Long from Season 11 is planning to release his post-show debut next month. And, according to a video released by The Voice, India Carney is working on an EP to be released later this year.

Now, the list below is probably not complete. For the last month, I’ve been busy with profiles for the new Season 12 contestants on The Voice, so I’ve likely missed some new releases.

If you know of anyone who’s released music or a music video in 2017 and isn’t on the list below, please leave a comment and I’ll add it. There are now more than 500 Voice alumni, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Swon Brothers
“Pretty Cool Scars” EP

Released: March 17, 2017
Finish: 3rd, Season 4

Chalk up a second standout EP for Zach and Colton since leaving Sony Music following their 2014 debut album. “Don’t Call Me” is the lead single. But my favorite tracks are a piece of pop-country ear candy called “About Last Night” and the raucous party tune “Dwight Trashed” during which they do a lot of country name dropping.


Dan Shafer
“Rise Above”

Released: March 10, 2017
Finish: Battle round, Season 11

The veteran performer has packaged remastered versions of some previously released tunes and some never-before-released originals for a nine-track post-show album. There are two versions of “Leaving Virginia,” one of the standout tracks. Another highlight is a rocker called “Pour Your Love.”


“Brown Paper Bag”

Released: Feb. 24, 2017
Finish: Top 11, Season 9

During his Voice exit interview, Evan McKeel said he already had a lot of music ready to release. He’s fulfilled that promise, delivering a “Live Session No. 1” EP last year, followed by this 10-track singer-songwriter album. It’s his best yet and the best of the 10 tracks is a ballad called “Always.”


Dia Frampton

Released: Feb. 13, 2017
Finish: 2nd, Season 1

What started out as a second Archis project turned into Dia’s first solo album since 2011’s post-Voice “Red.” Regardless of how it came to be, these 12 magical tracks get better with each listen. Tracks you absolutely shouldn’t miss include “Dead Man,” “Chances,” “Blind” and the glorious album ending “Die Wild.”


Gina Zo
“My Weakness”

Released: Feb. 14, 2017
Finish: Battle round, Season 10

Gina Castanzo wisely shortened her stage name to Gina Zo, released a debut single in August, then followed up with this promising nine-track singer-songwriter album. My favorite tracks come when Gina picks up the tempo, like on “Gypsy Sounds” and “Set Me Free.” The album also includes that single, “Lost.”


Rebecca Loebe

Released: Feb. 3, 2017
Finish: Battle round, Season 1

The self-described “gypsy minstrel” serves up her fifth album and her first since 2012’s “Circus Heart.” And have no doubt, this is Rebecca’s best yet, an 11-song collection that is every bit as good when Rebecca’s slows things down (“Easy Money,” “Weeping Willow”) as when she speeds things up (“Cannonball,” “Forever Young Forever.” Then there’s the incredibly addictive “Bad Things.” Do not miss this album!


Dustin Christensen
“Sad Songs Mixes 1 & 2”

Released: Jan. 27, 2017
Finish: Top 20, Season 9

Don’t let the title discourage you. While the best songs on the album — “The Rio Grande,” “Hollow Town” and “You Could’ve Loved Me” — fit the “sad songs” theme, Dustin’s vocals are so good you won’t be disappointed. A bit more uplifting is the album closing “Ruler of Your Heart.” This marks Dustin’s post-Voice debut and his first album since “Highway Lines” in 2011.


Luke Wade
“Only Ghosts”

Released: Jan. 13, 2017
Finish: Top 8, Season 7

The long-awaited album from the Season 7 standout — his first since the show — doesn’t disappoint. “Three Days,” released as a single in the run-up to the album is the standout track. But the followup to his 2014 album “The River” isn’t short on highlights. They also include “Someone Like You,” “Say It Out Loud” and “While I Was Away.”



Adanna Duru (Season 3) “Quinn” (2016 single)

Brian Nhira (Season 10) “Would You Still Love Me” (2017 single)

Christina Grimmie (Season 6) “Invisible” (2017 single)

Domo (Season 3) “Beastin'” (from her 2014 “Domonation” album)

Juliet Simms (Season 2) “Trouble Finds You” (from her 2016 “From the Grave” album)

Mike Schiavo (Season 10) “Back to Me” (from his self-titled 2016 EP)

Rebecca Loebe (Season 1) “Cannonball” (from her “Blink” album)

Taylor John Williams (Season 7) “White Summer Dress” (2017 single)


Brian Nhira (Season 10): “Would You Still Love Me”
Christina Grimmie (Season 6): “Invisible”
Jean Kelley (Season 7): “Ordinary Love”
Taylor John Williams (Season 7): “White Summer Dress”
Vedo (Season 4): “Shape of You”
Vedo (Season 4): “My Boo” (with Sydney Renae)

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