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Jamar Rogers releases Lazarus, his five-year ‘labor of love’


Jamar Rogers, five years removed from a Top 8 finish on The Voice, has released his debut album.

Jamar Rogers, five years removed from a Top 8 finish on The Voice, has released his debut album.

We met Jamar Rogers eight years ago when he auditioned for American Idol, made it to Hollywood and was a good friend of eventual third-place finisher Danny Gokey.

We were re-introduced to Jamar five years ago when he came out as HIV-positive on The Voice, talked about the impact drugs had on his life and wound up advancing all the way to the Top 8.

Now it’s time for another introduction.

And this time, Jamar has a debut album — the 10-track “Lazarus” — to introduce as well.

If you’re looking for a wonderfully different musical experience, this might be your ticket.

This much is certain: If you listen to Jamar’s vocals on the album opening “Baptize Me,” you’re going to want to hear more.

And he’s delivered one of this year’s best post-Voice songs in “Let Me Treat You.” We get two versions here, one addictive and fully produced, one acoustic and, if possible, even more impassioned.

On Facebook, Jamar calls the album “my labor of love for the past five years.”

Jamar told that, during the making of the album, he checked out Native American Powwows, met with a Santero priest and a shaman, attended Buddhist talks and listened to Hindi music.

“I’m a pretty spiritual guy so I’ve always been curious as to how different folks connect with the divine,” he told the site. “I just wanted to glean as much information as possible.

“Since the name Lazarus carries a heavy religious connotation, I knew I’d be making a spiritual album. I wanted to remind folks of their own divinity and make music that lifted their spirits on bad days.”

Mission accomplished.

Jamar celebrated the release of “Lazarus” with a show in New York City Sunday night. You can follow him through his Facebook page or website. On Twitter, he’s @JSquidward.

Now, here’s the acoustic version of “Let Me Treat You.”

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