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The Four will return four (!) Thursday night


Just a week after her elimination, Zhavia is back on The Four. (FOX Photo)

Just a week after her elimination, Zhavia is back on The Four. (FOX Photo)

Ready for the big news.

The Four will be bringing back not one … not two … not three … but four contestants during Thursday’s comeback episode.

And, yep, judge Meghan Trainor gets her way after shedding quite a few tears at the end of last week’s episode. Zhavia will be back in the house, just a week after being “eliminated.”

But in his search for “greatness” — note the quote marks — Sean “Diddy” Combs will also be bringing back three contestants so “great” they couldn’t defend their seat against a single challenge.

Okay, “Diddy” supposedly didn’t pick the comeback artists. They were picked by the fans.

But someone on the production side decided to bring back four of the nine contestants to lose their seats so far this season.

Also returning:

* Ash Minor, the Australian singer-songwriter who was part of the original The Four, but was eliminated in Week 2.

* Saeed Renaud, who stole a spot from Blair Perkins in Week 1 but was defeated by Jason Warrior in Week 2.

* Candice Boyd, who bumped Ash Minor in Week 2 only to be bounced herself by Tim Johnson Jr. in Week 3.

* And, of course, Zhavia is likely to challenge Kendyle Paige, who took her seat last week.

It all sets the stage for lots of overblown drama, a touch of trash talk and plenty of “eat, eat, eat” chants.

I’m amazed this show’s rating have not dropped to nearly zero.

But I’ll say this: The Four had made me appreciate The Voice, in spite of all its flaw, much more.

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