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Beth Griffith-Manley talks about The Voice and what’s next


Beth Griffith Manley performs I Put a Spell on You during The Voice cross battles. (NBC Photo)

Beth Griffith Manley performs I Put a Spell on You during The Voice cross battles. (NBC Photo)

If there was an injustice during the first-ever Cross Battles on The Voice, it was Beth Griffith-Manley’s elimination after a brilliant performance of “I Put a Spell on You.”

But her coach, John Legend, had already used his save by the time the result of her cross battle was announced.

And every steal had already been used, meaning the end to Beth’s impressive run on The Voice stage.

Beth arrived on The Voice with equally impressive credentials, stints touring as a background singer for Anita Baker and Kem and releasing her own album (“Free”) in 2017. She also served as a stand-in and body double for Whitney Houston during filming of the 2012 film “Sparkle.”

Now that her run on The Voice is over, Beth said she’ll return to touring with Kem. But she’s also planning on working on new original music.

Here’s what she told Voice Views about her time on The Voice and those new projects.

Voice Views: Which was your favorite performance on The Voice and why?

Beth: I have two favorites! First of all, my duet with Jej singing “Jealous,” because it was an awesome collaboration with him and our YouTube views are over 4 million. My second favorite was my last performance, singing “I Put a Spell on You,” because I enjoyed telling that story of love and pain throughout the song and the energy in the room was great during that performance.

Voice Views: That was the first time The Voice has held cross battles. What was it like? What did you think of the experience? Is there anything you’d suggest the show change if they use that format again?

Beth: The cross battles was a really fun experience for me. I enjoyed the competition aspect of it and the mystery of not knowing who I was singing against. That pushed me to work harder and give my all! The only suggestion I would make to the show would be to not cross genres in the Live Cross Battles.

Voice Views: Where do you see your time on the show leading you musically? What do you have planned next? Do you think you’ll be releasing new music in the future and, if so, what can fans expect in terms of sound/timing?

Beth: Being on The Voice was a great platform for me to grow and build my fan base. I’m so grateful for that opportunity! I currently have an album out that was released in August 2017 and a single I released in October 2018. I also tour with R & B artist Kem. I’ll resume touring with him and doing my own solo shows and festivals over the summer and fall. I’ll have dates posted on my website soon. I’m currently also recording songs for my 2nd album, which I’ll release in early 2020. A single could possibly be released in early fall that will also be on the full 2nd album. My sound will be classic R&B with a bit of pop.

Voice Views: Do you think you grew as an artist as a result of The Voice experience? If so, in what way?

Beth: I definitely grew as an artist and I’m so proud of myself! I was pushed and challenged to trust myself more vocally.

Voice Views: Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience on the show?

Beth: My experience was amazing! I have no regrets and I’m so glad I took a chance to audition.

On social media:
Twitter: @bethalwayssings

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