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Selkii talks about her time on The Voice and new music

Selkii performs during the cross battles on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Selkii performs during the cross battles on The Voice. (NBC Photo)


A couple members of The Voice Season 16 cast have already released music.

And it sounds like Selkii might soon join them.

The native of South Africa has settled in Orlando, Fla., and, with the help of her loop pedal, was performing as a one-woman band on Disney cruise ships prior to The Voice.

The indie folk artist has been working on a live album “that showcases who I am in an authentic way.”

On The Voice, Selkii landed a spot on Team Blake Shelton with her blind audition performance of
“I’ll Try.” She made it all the way to the cross battles before being eliminated.

Here’s what Selkii, 31 when she auditioned, told Voice Views about her time on The Voice and the new music she’s planning.

Voice Views: Which was your favorite performance on The Voice and why?

Selkii: My favorite performance was “I Try” by Macy Gray because it is one of my favorites to perform and I prefer uplifting positive songs you can jive too. It’s the Florida spirit in me.

Voice Views: Where do you see your time on the show leading you musically? What do you have planned next?

Selkii: I go straight into the studio and continue booking gigs and performing as much as I can.

Voice Views: Do you think you’ll be releasing new music in the future. If so, what can you tell me about that? And, what can fans expect in terms of sound/timing?

Selkii: I will be releasing new music within the next few weeks. For now, people can go to my page to hear live recordings.

Voice Views: Do you think you grew as an artist as a result of The Voice experience? If so, in what way?

Selkii: I made the most exceptional friendships on the show and the memories will last forever. I’ll always be so grateful to The Voice. I learned a great deal about discipline, which is needed for performing on a show with this format. I learned a lot about who I am as an artist and how to stay true to who I am.

Voice Views: Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience on the show?

Selkii: I had the most amazing time and I will treasure this experience forever. I’m also very excited to go on and show the world my artistry through my songwriting, stories and looping.

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