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Check out new singles from Chloe MK, Belle Jewel and LiLi Joy

  • Chloe MK (Chloe Kohanski) from The Voice Season 13
    Chloe MK (Chloe Kohanski) from The Voice Season 13


Chloe MK, Belle Jewel and LiLi Joy are among the artists we met on The Voice who have new singles out.

Below is a look at each of those releases. The links take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

Chloe MK, the Season 13 champ, just released “Cosmic,” her first solo single since parting ways with Republic Records at the end of last year. It’s a catchy pop-rock tune from the gal we knew as Chloe Kohanski on the show. She co-wrote the song with frequent collaborator Sizzy Rocket. “Can’t believe this song is finally out,” Chloe writes on Instagram. “Been waiting like a year lol.”

Belle Jewel, Top 20 on Season 11, has released her first single of 2020, “Out of Body.” Writes Belle on Instagram: “This is such an intimate piece of my struggle with dysmorphia and learning to be at peace with my past, present, and future. If you haven’t listened yet, I really really hope you take a couple minutes to get cozy, put on some good headphones, and enjoy.”

LiLi Joy from Season 16 recently released “Clown Waltz,” her fourth song since the show. Produced by John Velasquez, she says it was a song written while she was going through troubles in a relationship. “Things were slowly drifting into this place of numb apathy where I knew the love was fading, but I was too afraid to let go without trying,” she told Voice Views, adding “it’s really representative of the direct I want to take my art in the future.”

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