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Brian Nhira, Angel Taylor, Anthony Ortiz drop new singles

  • Brian Nhira from The Voice Season 10 and his wife Sonia
    Brian Nhira from The Voice Season 10 and his wife Sonia


Among the former Voice contestants with new music out are Brian Nhira, Angel Tyalor and Anthony Ortiz.

Below is a bit about each of those releases. The links take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

Brian Nhira from Season 10 has released an impressive collection of original music since the show and returns with “(Let’s Create a) Life That We Love.” He wrote the song with Zandy Fitzgerald. And there’s an accompanying music video, which you can check out below, co-starring Brian’s real-life wife, Sonia Nhira. And, yep, the couple are expecting their first child.

Angel Taylor from Season 2 has released “Good for Something.” It’s also her first single of 2020 and was written with two friends while she was going through a bad breakup. “As weird as it is, there’s really something to finding yourself through the hardships of life, Angel writes on Instagram. “The silver lining seems invisible when you’re broken or confused or can’t stop crying and you spend your days under your covers, but.. it comes. I’ll never tell you that the scar fades completely, but you finally heal.”

Anthony Ortiz from Season 16 has released “Using Me,” his first of 2020. It’s a catchy pop song about a girl who can’t decide what she wants and keeps sending mixed messages. But it’s not his first since the show. Since appearing last spring he’s also released “Bad Friends,” “Watch My Fires” and “Goodbyes.”

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