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Iam Tongi makes triumphant return to Hawaii

Roman De Peralta and Iam Tongi at the Ohana Day show in Hawaii over the weekend

Roman De Peralta and Iam Tongi at the Ohana Day show in Hawaii over the weekend


Iam Tongi enjoyed another triumphant homecoming show over the weekend.

Hawaii News Now reported that a crowd of more than 5,000 turned out for Iam’s show as headliner of the opening day of the Ohana Day celebration at the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii.

That’s the same venue that hosted Iam’s homecoming show during finals week on American Idol.

Saturday’s show marked Iam’s first in Hawaii since he captured the Season 21 title.

And he treated fans to a more than hour-long show featuring plenty of highlights.

* He was joined on stage by American Idol buddy Oliver Steele for a wonderful cover of “Island Style.”

* He performed a pair of unreleased originals, “Time Doesn’t Fly” and “Why Kiki,” a song he recently teased on social media.

* One of the vocal highlights was a touching rendition of “Lover of Mine,” a song Iam said he’d never performed on stage before.

* He was joined by Roman De Peralta from Kolohe Kai for a duet of the group’s hit “Cool Down.” It’s a song Iam performed on the Idol finale and marked the first time they’d performed it together.

And, of course, that’s in addition to the highlights you’d expect from any Iam show, excellent renditions of “Monsters,” “Stuck on You” and “I’ll Be Seeing You,” his Idol single that hit number one on the Apple Music singles chart.

Check out the fan reaction when Iam arrived on stage, and that way fans sang along as he performed that song!

Roman De Peralta was meeting Iam for the first time and had this to say about the occasion: “What a fun & talented guy, at the same time super humble. He’s all heart🤙🏽Congratulations on all your success Iam, thanks for having me! Looking forward to many more jams w/ you!”

As for Iam: “Much love Ohana Day & a special shoutout to @kolohekaimusic! Last night was a special one 🤙🏾”

Here’s a YouTube video of the full show. You can find several others on YouTube, including one posted in snippets here so that you can more quickly find an individual song if you’re looking for one.

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  1. TiredofTripe July 5, 2023 at 12:26 pm -  Reply

    Jasmine Trias (Season 3) made a triumphant return to her home state of Hawaii.

    She was treated like a Hawaiian princess.

    The gal with the flower in her ear.

    Then came the backlash of her outlasting Latoya London and Jennifer Hudson.

    There was a backlash this season that We Ani placed fourth.

    Look up how “Idol” treated Season 18 winner Just Sam.

    It’s sad and enraging.

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