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Jacquie Lee prepares to release 1st independent EP


Jacquie Lee's new EP will be out Friday.

Jacquie Lee’s new EP will be out Friday.

Jacquie Lee, runner-up on Season 5 of The Voice, will release her first independent project Friday.

It’s a six-track EP called “The Only One” that chronicles the change and anxiety she went through after moving from Colt’s Neck, N.J., to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music.

“I couldn’t tell you how excited / happy / emotional I am to be releasing music that is so personal and close to my heart,” she writes on Facebook. “It’s been a long time coming, but thank you for everyone who has stuck by me along the way.”

In a video posted as part of a promotional campaign by Jacquie — she’s dropped the Lee from her stage name — and Midwest Ford Dealers — the 20-year-old singer-songwriter says she’s got through “lots of highs and lots of lows” since finishing second to Tessanne Chin on The Voice.

“The lows would be that I got into a situation where I wasn’t really able to be my own artist or my own person or write my lyrics or experiment with my sound,” says Jacquie, who was just 15 when she auditioned for The Voice.

The highs would include the fact that she believes she’s found her musical voice, though that move across the country didn’t come without it’s share of anxiety.

That’s reflected in the music video Jacquie released this week. The song is called “For You,” but it’s really about herself.

Jacquie admitted in an interview with Billboard last month that she started partying a lot after her move, in part to mask that anxiety, in part to disttact herself.

The video “has a lot to do with addiction,” Jacquie writes on Instagram. “It’s not easy to self reflect and make a change within yourself. It’s not even easy to realize that you have changed or that you do have a problem.”

The song, she said, was “inspired by a letter I wrote to myself to wake the f–k up.”

“You gotta be strong for yourself, no matter what life throws at you,” Jacquie adds. “You are stronger than whatever it is you are struggling with. Remember that when you feel out of control.”

Oh, and about that letter to herself. It’s a sign that Jacquie remembered one of her lessons from The Voice.

“The best piece of advice she (Christina Aguilera) ever gave me was to write everything down,” Jacquie recalls. “Now I have seven journals. So she’d be proud.”

Check out the video of “For You” below. It’s one of four tracks from the EP that’s already available along with “The Only One,” “California Dreaming” and “The Old Me.”

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