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Meet Kara McKee of The Voice Season 22


Kara McKee from The Voice Season 22

Kara McKee from The Voice Season 22

Kara McKee is among the singers rumored to have earned a spot on The Voice Season 22.

Here’s more about Kara:

* She’s the daughter of Dan McKee, governor of Rhode Island. In fact, she sang the national anthem at his inauguration in March 2021.

* Since 2016, she’s also been a member of the family band Rosemere Road with sisters Carson and Emmery Brakke. Kara is their cousin.

* All three grew up in suburban Rhode Island, singing folk songs and Christmas carols together in their parents’ living rooms, according to their Spotify bio.

* They were also involved in a cappella groups in high school. Kara performed a cappella in college as well.

* After years of living apart, all three women found themselves living in Boston in 2016 and formed the band.

* They played an open mic before the band even had a name. Asked about the band’s name, “Kara said ‘Rosemere Road’ and Carson and Emmery said, ‘Yup, that’s it,'” the trio relates on Instagram. Rosemere Road is an actual road in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

* A year later, they released their debut EP, “Nights Like These,” featuring four live tracks.

* They say their influences range from Tori Amos to Emmylou Harris to The Shirelles.

* Rosemere Road is now working on their debut album and they’ve released two singles from the project — “Winter Coat” in 2021 and “January Song” earlier this year. Check out “January Song” below. That’s Kara playing guitar and kicking off the song.

* Lead single “Winter Coat” “was born” when Kara attended a Sad Song Summer Camp. She also met Joe Boon at that camp and he’s now the producer for that upcoming album.

* For “January Song,” the three band members recorded their vocals separately because of he pandemic, then “beamed” them across the Atlantic to Boon, who lives in Devon, England. In the fall, Carson and Kara traveled to Devon to put the finishing touches on the song.

* Want to hear what Kara sounds like singing solo? Just head to her Instagram. She posted a folk rock/Americana cover every day for the month of May.

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