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Will Moseley soars up charts again with ‘Gone for Good’

Will Moseley listens to feedback from the judges on American Idol. (ABC Photo)

Will Moseley listens to feedback from the judges on American Idol. (ABC Photo)


It’s happened again for Will Moseley.

This week on American Idol, the 23-year-old from Hazelhurst, Ga., talked about how special it was to see the reaction to his original song “Gone for Good” after his audition aired.

In fact, the song rocketed to number two on the country music singles chart.

Well, Will performed the song again Monday night on Idol, after learning he’d been voted into the Top 14 for Season 22.

And by 2 a.m. Tuesday, the song was back at number two on the country chart, right behind “A Bar Song” by Shaboozy and just in front of “White Horse” by Chris Stapleton.

Perhaps more impressively, “Gone for Good” was sitting at number eight on Apple Music’s overall singles chart.

Will released “Gone for Good” in September. It’s one of four singles he has on streaming sites. He dropped a new song called “Why” on April 1.

And he’s clearly established himself as a front-runner on Idol as contestants head into Sunday’s Top 14 show.

But he’s not the only contestant to chart after this week’s performances.

For instance:

* Kabrienne Richins performed her debut single “Girl I Am Now” on Sunday’s show. As of early Tuesday morning, it had climbed to number 42 on the difficult to climb pop singles chart.

* Emmy Russell performed “Skinny,” a song she produced with Song House in Nashville, on Monday’s show. It’s also the song she auditioned with. It was up to number 118 on that same pop chart early Tuesday.

* And Kayko has now performed four of the six songs on his new EP called “Poser” on American Idol. He reprised “What If” on Monday. That EP was number 31 on the Apple Music pop albums chart early this morning.

For all of this, a huge thank you to American Idol for allowing contestants to sing originals on the show.

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