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Meet Ashley Bryant of The Voice Season 25


Ashley Bryant of The Voice Season 25

Ashley Bryant of The Voice Season 25

Her audition: Ashley Bryant, 26, of Louisville, Ky., performed “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood. She showed off really nice stage presence, but the backing music seemed too loud on the sound mix. It’s drowned out some of Ashley’s vocals. Ashley belted out some glory notes at the end and that sparked a chair turn from Reba. Reba said she’s did a great job with the song. John loved her energy and enthusiasm. Chance complimented her on a great performance.

Here’s more about Ashley:

* She’s a country singer who’s been performing on the East Coast with Tom Nitti, a singer who’s name likely rings a bell with Voice fans.

* Tom is the guy who made the playoffs for Team Reba in Season 24, but dropped out of the competition for personal reasons.

* Tom and Ashley met and fell in love during the blind auditions filmed last summer. The auditions for seasons 24 and 25 were pre-taped back-to-back. Writes Ashley next to a photo of them performing together: “2023 brought me many great things, but he’s my favorite.”

* In a Feb. 27 Instagram post, tagged from the Grand Ole Opry, Ashley shows off a ring after two photos of Tom on one knee in front of her. Yep, it appears these two Voice contestants are now engaged!

* They’ve been performing lots of shows together since then. For instance, Ashley opened for Tom at a Nashville’s Next showcase in mid-December.

* A promo for that show says Ashley is often referred to as Walmart Miranda Lambert, “which she finds a great compliment!”

* And on her Instagram, she shares that she loves being goofy and is always dancing. And that her acquired nickname is Cornbread because of her thick southern drawl.

* She also recently posted an emotional video she filmed on the day of her Voice audition — last July — saying it’s something she’d been waiting to do for nearly 10 years.

* She’s also overcome a good deal in her pursuit of music. She was in a car crash in April 2019 that cost her part of the hearing in her right ear, making performing more difficult for a while.

* Musically, you can check out lots of Ashley Bryant covers and performances on her TikTok, where she has amassed an impressive following – more than 55,000 followers and more than 418,000 likes.

* She released her debut single, “Champagne” in March of 2022. You can check it out below.

Ashley on social media

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