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Meet Corey Curtis of The Voice Season 25


Corey Curtis of The Voice Season 25

Corey Curtis of The Voice Season 25

His audition: Corey Curtis, 22, of Summerville, Ga., performed “Waiting on the World To Change” by John Mayer. Chance turned in a heartbeat. Personally, I had trouble making out anything Corey sang on that opening verse. Enunciate, please. Corey, however, turned in a pretty passionate performance, complete with a growl here and there, followed by a tender ending. Chance turned out to be the only coach to turn. Reba said she loved his voice and his performance. John liked the character in his voice.

Here’s more about Corey:

* This won’t be his first singing show. He auditioned for Season 20 of American Idol at age 20 and made it to the end of Hollywood Week.

* That said, if Idol fans blinked, they likely missed him. His audition didn’t air, and he estimates he was on TV screens for about 6 seconds. Not that you’ll hear him complaining.

* “The fact that I even made it to the end of Hollywood Week, blows my mind,” he wrote on social media. “Especially coming from a small town where there’s almost little to no opportunity. I’ll truly cherish this American Idol journey for the rest of my life.”

* Corey has also released music, though you might have to replace the e in his first name with a 3 to find it. He has five singles out, including a song called “Oh Aye” from 2021 that has more than 180,000 streams on Spotify.

* His most recent release is “Your Number,” a collaboration with Lauren Black and Bobby Crane. It was released last summer.

* Head to his Instagram and you can also check out a snippet of an original called “Devil in the Bottle.” He wrote it with Caleb Lathrop and Fritz Hager, a Top 5 finisher on Idol Season 20.

* In an interview with American Idol Unaired, Corey credits his interest in music with the fact that he was a “bored kid” growing up. So he started playing drums at age 10, piano at age 11 and guitar at age 12. He also started singing at age 12.

* When Corey was young, he and his brothers formed a Christian music group called The Young Disciples. They performed together for about three years. His brothers stopped pursuing music after that; Corey, of course, continued.

* Corey describes his music as acoustic pop with a twist of his own flavor and says his biggest inspirations are Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Dean Lewis.

* His goal in music: “Just for someone to get something out of my music. I use the words I write in hopes of making someone smile, think or the happy times or feel better.”

* And a fun fact from his website: Corey can solve a rubik’s cube in a minute or less.

Corey on social media:

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