Kristine Osorio, Season 11

Meet Hollywood bound Kristine Osorio


American Idol often spotlights the youngest contestants trying to make a name for themselves as singers.  That was certainly true earlier this year, in the Savannah auditions, for example.

In a change of pace, Idol featured a couple of singers taking their last shot at stardom — at least via this route — in its Thursday night audition episode from Texas.

One of those was 28-year-old Kristine Osorio of Amarillo, Texas.

And in a twist I don’t think we’ve heard before on Idol, she used the money she borrowed to pay a divorce lawyer to buy a plane ticket to the auditions in Galveston.

We’ll find out later whether that gamble pays off in the long run.

For now, Kristine’s off to Hollywood after impressing the judges with her rendition of Adele’s “One and Only.”

In her golden ticket interview, Kristine says a friend convinced her to try out for the show.  She says she’s been singing since she was little, mostly in church.

But she told Idol she performed little bar and cafe gigs before meeting her husband, then performed in a band with him for about two years.

“Then I got pregnant,” she said, “and all that got put on pause.”

She now has three children — they were ages 7, 5 and 2 at the time of the Idol auditions last summer — and her struggle to find work as a single mom apparently convinced her to take a chance on Idol.

After she left with a golden ticket on Thursday’s show, Jennifer Lopez proclaimed her voice as “beautiful.”

And why should she be the next Idol?

“Because I’m a rock star,” she says in that golden ticket interview.

Here’s her audition again, if you missed it.

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