Mathenee Treco, Season 11

Meet Hollywood bound Mathenee Treco


Mathenee Treco says it’s a “weird stroke of fate” that led him to audition for American Idol.

The 25-year-old just happened to be in area helping his sister move into a new home and was about to start a new job when Idol came searching for singers in Aspen.

“I thought, ‘OK, this is a sign from God. Let me go do this.'”

The native of the Bahamas says he had auditioned three previous times, unsuccessfully.

This time he got three yes votes from the judges following an animated performance of The Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” though Idol showed just a very short clip of his performance.

Mathenee now calls Centennial, Colorado, home and attended Carnegie Mellon University.  Look deep in the bowels of YouTube and I’m pretty sure that’s him performing “Sweet Transvestite” during a campus performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Mathenee says that’s one thing he thinks could set him apart from the other contestants — he can perform as well as sing.

“I think the world is ready for someone to win this show and hang with the big boys in the music industry,” Mathenee says in his golden ticket interview.

Here are some of his pre-Idol performances.

“Fortune and Fame”


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