Below is a look at singles released by former contestants on The Voice in 2016.

The intent here is to include stand-alone singles — in other words, songs not included on albums or EPs. For those songs, checkout the album and EPs link below.

If I’ve missed anyone, please drop a line to Voice Views at [email protected] or @VoiceViews on Twitter to let me know. There have been more than 400 singers on the first nine seasons of The Voice, so I’d be amazed if I’ve caught all the new music.

Happy listening! And check back for blogging during Season 12.

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Wakefield (Season 10): “When You’re Sober”
Adanna Duru (Season 3): “Seal It with a Kiss” (cover)
Adley Stump (Season 2): “Don’t Wanna Love Him”
Amanda Ayala (Season 9): “Her”
Angel Taylor (Season 2): “Getaway” (vocalist on EDM track by Tritonal)
Anita Antonette (Season 7): “Care”
Braiden Sunshine (Season 9): “Reality”
Braiden Sunshine (Season 9): “Place for Me”
Braiden Sunshine (Season 9): “Best There Ever Was”
Braiden Sunshine (Season 9): “Heartbeat”
Briana Cuoco (Season 5): “Once Again” (from “The Bold and the Beautiful”)
Caroline Pennell (Season 5): “Follow the Sun”
Caroine Pennell (Season 5): “Say It in Silence”
Caroline Pennell (Season 5): “Lovesick”
Caroline Pennell (Season 5): “Californication” (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)
Casey Muessigmann (Season 3): “Beer Pong”
Cathia (Season 4): “Volar”
Celese Betton (Season 9): “10,000 Reasons”
Charlie Rey (Season 3): “Oh the Blood of Jesus”
Chris Crump (Season 9): “Chemistry”
(Serna) (Season 6): “El Dorado”
Clinton Washington (Season 8): “Give It Up”
Clinton Washington (Season 8): “Perfect Shade”
Corey Kent White (Season 8): “Tumbleweed”
Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7): “Stuck in My Head”
Daniel Passino (Season 10): “Tell Me”
Dia Frampton (Season 1): “Never Tear Us Apart” (cover as Dia)
Dia Frampton (Season 1): “Golden Years”
Dia Frampton (Season 1): “Gold and Silver” from LP “Bruises” to be released March 3
Val (Season 3): “Tu y Yo Sabemos la Verdad”
Domo (Season 3): “Netflix and Chill”
Duncan Kamakana (Season 4): “Midnight Stones”
Ellie Lawrence (Season 9): “3 a.m. Smoke Sessions”
Erin Willett (Season 2): “Out of the Darkness”
Evan McKeel (Season 9) — “Always”
Gianna Salvato (Season 7) — “Baby It’s You” (cover)
Gina (Castanzo) Zo (Season 11) — “Lost”
Gracia Harrison (Season 3) — “Boys in a Beach Town”
Hailey Steele (Season 2): “Where I Thought I’d Be”
Huston (Season 10): “I Alone Have Loved You”
Holly Tucker (Season 4): “Wax Paper Cups”
India Carney (Season 8): “You”
Jacob Rummell (Season 8): “Slip Away”
Jacob Rummell (Season 8): “Show Me Your Smile”
Jacquie Lee (Season 3): “Somebody’s Angel”
Jacquie Lee (Season 5): “Aftershock”
(featured vocalist on EDM track from Cash Cash)
Jake Barker (Season 6): “Crash”
Jake Barker (Season 6): “Desperado” (Rihanna cover with Riot)
Jake Barter (Season 6): Pillow Talk (cover with Riot)
Barker (Season 6): “Say My Name/Cry Me a River” (mashup covers)
Jake Worthington (Season 6): “How Do You Honky Tonk”
Jamar Rogers (Season 2): “Arrows”
Jamie Lono (Season 2): “Tinder”
Jamie Lono (Season 2): “So Hot!”
Jared Harder (Season 10): “Morning Stars”
Jean Kelley (Season 7): “Stacking Stones”
Jeffery Austin (Season 9): “Only You”
Jessica Childress (Season 4): “Far Away”
Joe Maye (Season 10): “Stick Up Love”
Tolo (Season 8): “Good Time”
Joselyn River (Season 3): “Crash into You” (featured vocalist on EDM track by Artec
Joshua Davis (Season 8): “Let Me In”
Joshua Davis (Season 8): “Always Going to be Here”
Justin Blake (Season 5): “Blame it on Hank”
Justin Chain (Season 5): “You Can’t Rush Amazing”
Justin Rivers (Season 4): “Some Hearts”
Kat Perkins (Season 6): “Angels”
Kelsie May (Season 8): “Fool for You”
LaShae (Season 5): “Ambitionz Az a Ridah” (mashup of songs by Tupac, Adele, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller)
Koryn Hawthorne (Season 8): “Saints and Sinners” (from Saints and Sinners soundtrack)
Kota Wade (Season 9): “Cake”
Kota Wade (Season 9): “Haunt Me”
Kota Wade (Season 9): “Sorry”
Kota Wade and Summer Schappell (both Season 9): “Force to be Reckoned With”
Kristen Marie: “City”
Laces (formerly Charlotte Sometimes) (Season 2):”Freedom”
(formerly Charlotte Sometimes) (Season 2): “Some Body (to F–k)”
Laces (formerly Charlotte Sometimes) (Season 2): “Screw Me”
Lily Elise (Season 1): “I Don’t Know Why”
Lily Elise (Season 1): “Circles”
Lily Elise (Season 1): “Let Me Down”
Lily Elise (Season 1): “Palm Trees”
Luke Wade (Season 7): “Three Days”
Luke Wade (Season 7): “On Fire”
Luke Wade (Season 7): “Passenger Side”
MacKenzie Bourg (Season 3): “Roses”
MacKenzie Bourg (Season 3): “Little Moon”
Paige (Season 6): covers released to iTunes — “Firework” (Katy Perry), “Rise (Katy Perry), “Scars to Your Beautiful” (Alessia Cara), “The Greatest” (Sia), “Don’t Wanna Know” (Maroon 5 cover with Maddie Wilson), “Inside Out” (The Chainsmokers), “Peter Pan”
Maiya Sykes (Season 7): “Juicy” (with Postmodern Jukebox)
Mirage a Trois (including Season 1’s Raquel Castro): “Crown” (“Empire” Season 2 soundtrack)
MarissaAnn (Season 3 ): “Blind”
Meghan Linsey (Season 8): “Exes and Friends”
Melanie Martinez (Season 3): “Gingerbread Man”
Lynch (Season 5): “Come Back Home”
Michael Lynch (Season 5): “Let’s Hurt Tonight” (One Republic cover)
Michaela Paige (Season 3): “I Need You”
Michaela Paige (Season 3): “One Kiss Away”
Michelle Raitzin (Season 4): “Mother’s Day”
Nick Hagelin (Season 10): “Blue Moon”
Paula DeAnda (Season 6): “I Don’t Know You” (with Josh B)
RaeLynn (Season 2): “Love Triangle”
RaeLynn (Season 2): Also available from her upcoming album WildHorse (due June 17) — “WildHorse,” “Diamonds” and “Insecure”
Whyte Maloney (Season 6): “I Remember You”
Savannah Berry (Season 4): “Crooked Road”
Siahna Im (Season 9): “Warrior”
Sisaundra Lewis (Season 6):”#Winner”
Tamara Chauniece (Season 5): “Redemption”
Tarralyn Ramsey (Season 2): “Hope”
Taylor John Williams (Season 7): “I’m On Fire” (cover)
Tessanne Chin (Season 5): “Love Suicide”
Terisa Griffin (Season 3): “Save Me”
The Janes (Kelly Crapa, Season 3): “How Do I Live”
The Janes (Kelly Crapa, Season 3): “Can’t Let Go”
Tim Atlas (Season 9): “The Other Side”
Tim Atlas (Season 9): “Wander”
Altas (Season 9): “Compromised”
Trey O’Dell (Season 10): “Arkansas for Life”
Vance Smith (Season 8): “Stay Out”
Vedo (Season 4): “Day One”
Vedo (Season 4): “Who Else”
Vedo (Season 4): “Sex Drive”
Vedo (Season 4): “Selfish”
Vedo (Season 4): “Hennything”
Xenia (Season 1): “Not a Fool”
Xenia (Season 1): “Home”

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    Owen Danoff (Season 10) “Love on Your Side”

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