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Gabby Barrett has dropped 10 singles since American Idol Season 16. Boyfriend Cade Foehner has a new song out too.

Gabby Barrett has dropped 10 singles since American Idol Season 16. Boyfriend Cade Foehner has a new song out too.

Gone are the days when American Idol fans had to wait months for new musics from their favorites on the show.

In addition to Season 16 champ Maddie Poppe, five members of the Season 16 already have post-show singles out.

And country singer Gabby Barrett, the third-place finisher, has released no fewer than 10.

In all, more than 40 former American Idol standouts released stand-alone singles in 2018.

Here’s a list of those singles, complete with links to the songs on Apple Music/iTunes.

If I’ve missed anyone, let me know by commenting below. For 2018 post-Idol albums and EPs, head here. And for 2018 music videos from former Idol standouts, head here.

Ada Vox (Season 16)
“Because of You” (featuring Bimbo Jones)

Andrew Garcia (Season 9)
“Lose You”

Anthony Federov (Season 4)
“Follow You to Heaven” (with Jennifer Paz)

Ashthon Jones (Season 10)
“Jazzy Talk”

Avalon Young (Season 15)
“Sweet Talk”

Bucky Covington (Season 5)
“Probably Won’t”

Cade Foehner (Season 16)
“Breathe Out”

Caleb Hutchinson (Season 16)
“Johnny Cash Heart”

Caleb Johnson (Season 13) & The Ramblin’ Saints
“Born and Raised”

Candice Glover (Season 12)
“Break Me”

Catie Turner (Season 16)
“21st Century Machine”

Crystal Bowersox (Season 9)
“The Stuff”

Danny Gokey (Season 8)
“The Prayer”

David Archuleta (Season 7)
“Perfect” with Nathan Pacheco

David Cook (Season 7)
“Death of Me”

Devin Velez (Season 12)
“Restore Your Heart”
“Should’ve Been Me”

Gabby Barrett (Season 16)
“Bye Love”
“Angel Fallen”
“What You Want”
“Bad Wings”
“This is How It Feels”
“I Need You”
“Your Name on It”
“Missin’ Love”
“Rivers Deep”

Gina Glocksen (Season 6)

Haley Reinhart (Season 10)
“Last Kiss Goodbye”
“Don’t Know How to Love You”

Granville Automatic (Vanessa Olivarez, Season 2)
“Well Whiskey”
“Gunshots or Fireworks”
“A Little of Both”

Hollie Cavanagh (Season 11)
“I Remember Nicole”

Janelle Arthur (Season 12)
“Runnin’ from My Roots”

Jax (Season 14)
“Somebody’s Kid”

Jennifer Hudson (Season 3)
“On Top of the World”
“I’ll Fight”

Jessica Sanchez (Season 11) and Ricky Breaker
“Caught Up”

Joey Cook (Season 14)
“Live Life Rich”

Josh Gracin (Season 2)
“Good for You”
“Nothin’ Like Us”

Joshua Ledet (Season 3)
“Trust Me, I Lie”

Kimberley Locke (Season 2)
“Raise Your Hands”

Kris Allen (Season 8)
“When All the Stars Have Died”

La’Porsha Renae (Season 15)
“Between the Sheets”
“What’s Love Got to Do with It”
Lauren Alaina (Season 10)
“Ladies in the ’90s”

MacKenzie Bourg

Maddie Poppe (Season 16)
“Going, Going Gone”
Keep on Movin’ On

Matt Giraud (Season 8)
“Come Back to Me”
“Vacation” (with KELLR)

Michael J. Woodyard (Season 16)
“Come Home”

Nick Fradiani (Season 14)
“Scared” (Acoustic)

Olivia Rox (Season 15)
“Crazy Love”
“Say Goodbye”

Pia Toscano (Season 10)
“In My Blood”
“Candle in the Hurricane” (from Westside)
“Believe in Dreams” (from Westside)
“For the Love” (with Leo Gallo, from Westside)
“Champagne High” (with Alexandra Kay, Taz Zavala, from Westside)

Rayvon Owen (Season 14)
“Like a Storm”

Sam Woolf (Season 13)
“On It”

Scott MacIntyre (Season 8)
“Look Up!”

Vonzell Solomon (Season 4)

Zealyn (Angie Miller, Season 12)
“Airline Wine”
“Enjoy Your Holiday”

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