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A look at what could and should happen tonight on The Voice


Zach Seabaugh, Emily Ann Roberts and Jeffery Austin prior to Monday night's show. (NBC Photo)

Zach Seabaugh, Emily Ann Roberts and Jeffery Austin prior to Monday night’s show. (NBC Photo)

Each week at this time I post a blog predicting who’s in danger of elimination on The Voice.

Who’s in danger of elimination tonight?

Everyone not named Jordan Smith.

When the clock struck noon ET, eight of the nine singers performing Monday night had cracked the Top 10 on iTunes.

That means eight of the nine earned those bonus points toward staying on the show. Clearly, iTunes bonus points will not determine who stays and who goes.

Nope, that will come down to whose fans voted most fervently over the past 14 hours.

Of course, Shelby Brown probably figures she has a big red X on her back right about now, because she was the only singer not in the Top 10 on iTunes.

But let’s remember that just two weeks ago, Shelby landed far behind everyone else on iTunes after singing Lady Gaga’s “You and I” and was still voted into the Top 10.

Likewise, Zach Seabaugh and Braiden Sunshine haven’t delivered consistently finals worthy performances on the show. But their strong showings on iTunes this week, coupled with avid fan bases, increase the likelihood that they could slip into the Season 9 finals.

Remember, that fourth spot tonight will be determined by an instant save. And that’ll amount to a five-minute Twitter popularity contest between the contestants that finish fourth, fifth and sixth in the voting. Zach has more than 40,000 Twitter followers; only Jordan Smith has more.

Here’s what should happen tonight:

1. Jordan Smith is voted into the finals. I’ve despised the way The Voice selected him as the winner from day one of Season 9. But his version of “Somebody to Love” was easily the highlight of Top 9 night.

2. Jeffery Austin is voted into the finals. I’m encouraged to see his cover of “Believe” second only to Jordan on the iTunes Top 200. That boosts my faith that voters will do what’s right and grant him a spot in the finals. If he has to rely on a Twitter save, I don’t think he’ll make it.

3. Emily Ann Roberts is voted into the finals. Of Team Blake’s country trio, she’s been the most consistent, the most entertaining and the most likable. And, if only one country singer makes the Top 4 … well, I’m wondering if the pooled country support might lead to a Tuesday night miracle next week.

4. Madi Davis or Amy Vachal get the fourth spot. I’m not sure Madi has the fan base to pull off a Twitter save, though I think the teen’s original arrangements and unique vocals are finals worthy. I won’t complain very loudly if Amy gets the spot instead. Her version of “To Make You Feel My Love” was simply lovely on Monday.

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