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Abi Carter explains her shock at being named winner of American Idol

Abi Carter during her appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday. (ABC Photo)

Abi Carter during her appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday. (ABC Photo)


Forty-eight hours after she won American Idol, Abi Carter said she can’t watch the ending of Sunday’s show without “crying just a little bit.”

During Tuesday morning visits to ABC’s morning shows — Good Morning America and Live with Kelly and Mark — Abi also explained why she looked so shocked Sunday night when Idol host Ryan Seacrest announced her name.

First off, it had been four years since a female won American Idol.

Secondly, she had prepared to hear something quite different.

Asked by Mark Consuelos if she’d prepared herself to not hear her name, Abi said “absolutely.

“It was like Will Moseley. Will Moseley. Will Moseley. It was just ringing in my head. And I just expected that to kind of come out of Ryan’s mouth.

“I mean, he’s amazing,” Abi added of Will. “He’s a country singer. They famously love the country singers on this show. and I was so happy for him, too. I was like ready for it. I was going to be like, ‘Good job, dude, love ya.'”

Instead, of course, Ryan announced Abi as the winner. She dropped to her knees.

Ryan eventually coaxed her back to her feet so she could begin singing “What I Was Made For?” — the Billie Eilish song she performed at her Idol audition.

No sooner had she started the song than she was mobbed by fellow contestants and family members eager to get in on the celebration as confetti rained down on the stage.

Abi revealed that after her victory Luke Bryan told her that it marked the first time since ABC started airing Idol that the singer the judges thought would win the show during the auditions actually wound up doing so.

“That really touched me,” Abi told GMA.

She also said she got a very important piece of advice from Luke and Lionel Richie after her audition: Be yourself.

“Both Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie came up to me and said, ‘You’re going to be thrown into this and you’re going to see so many talented people and they’re going to be so different from you and you’re going to think to yourself that you need to change and be like them. Maybe genre. Maybe sound. Maybe rasp. Don’t do that. You have something special. You need to hone in on that.”

On Kelly and Mark, Abi also got to perform her new single, “This Isn’t Over.”

Since Sunday’s show, it’s been doing very well on the charts. As of early Wednesday morning, it was sitting at 15 on the Apple Music Top 200 and number 5 on that site’s pop chart. Her even better single from late March, the incredibly catchy “It’s All Love,” was sitting at 14 on the same chart.

Here’s the music video for Abi’s new single, followed by the lyric video for “It’s All Love.”

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