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Ali Caldwell releases ‘Colors’ and talks about that red hair


Ali Caldwell has released 'Colors,' her first single since appearing on The Four

Ali Caldwell has released ‘Colors,’ her first single since appearing on The Four.

Ali Caldwell has released her first single since her highly successful run on Season 2 of The Four on FOX.

Ali released a song called “Colors” on Friday. You can check it out below.

“The woman you see in the mirror is beautiful no matter the shade of your complexion, no matter the color of your hair, no matter your curves or shape,” Ali writes on Facebook.

“We are uniquely beautiful in every way, we are one. Embrace your power. Embrace your beauty. Society will not define us nor divide us.”

Of course, whenever the topic is Ali, the color that most comes to mind is her fiery red hair.

Ali explained how that became a trademark of sorts in a recent Q&A.

“I had this amazing dream where my hair was just this fiery red,” she says. “It was so beautiful. And when I was looking at myself in my dream, it was a confidence I’d never seen before. So when I woke up, I’m like, ‘I think I want to try it.’

“It’s a part of me now. It definitely enhanced my confidence. I don’t know why. It’s just something about this color that changed everything about me as an artist.”

Singing show fans first met Ali on Season 11 of The Voice when she finished in the Top 6.

She returned to televised singing show acclaim last summer, winning a seat on The Four and holding it for four weeks during an impressive run on the FOX show.

Ali is working on an upcoming album called “88” set for a mid-2019 release.

Here’s “Colors.”

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